ComicBuzz Chats With Nick Brokenshire

With Dead Seas #1 releasing next week, on December 21st; from IDW Publishing, we are delighted to be joined by writer/artist Nick Brokenshire.

Nick Brokenshire is a comic book artist from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a writer/artist for IDW’s STAR WARS ADVENTURES, including stories that include DARTH VADER, ASAJJ VENTRESS, IG-88 and MAX REBO. Nick is also co-creator/artist/colorist of THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN (Dark Horse) and has worked on stories and covers for HEAVY METAL, 2000AD, JUDGE DREDD (IDW) and ROBOTECH (Titan). He has a few groovy irons in the fire that will be revealed in the near future. Also, He’s the frontman of BLUES HARVEST!


Hi Nick, it’s so wonderful to have you here with us.

NB: It’s my pleasure!


Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

NB: Sure. I’m a British comics creator living in the North of England. I was raised in the wilds of Scotland. I’ve worked on farms and shops and cleaned windows and scrubbed toilets across the land. I studied Illustration at University and became a high school teacher. I’ve been playing in rock bands since the 80s. I decided in my mid-thirties that I wanted to pursue being a comics maker. Kind of late in the game, but what can I say?  I’ve been busy!


Your new comic with Cavan Scott, Dead Seas #1, is releasing from IDW Publishing on December 21st. How would you describe the series?

NB: DEAD SEAS is what you get when you put a bunch of convicts on a huge ship FULL of the most twisted, horrific ghosts you can imagine. Problem is that the ship is sinking! How are you going to get out of that one?


Can you tell us about the origins of the Dead Seas series?

NB: Well, Cavan has a real soft spot for classic ghost stories. The really spooky, old school, Charles Dickens style stories. He also loves those crazy 1970s disaster movies like Towering Inferno and Poseidon Adventure where the protagonists must figure out how to escape the disaster. We both love Ghostbusters, of course – and that’s in the DNA of what we’re doing. I wanted an excuse to draw bizarre ghosts influenced by the crazy Manga and Anime that I enjoy… Next thing we know we have the concept for Dead Seas!


Who is Gus?

NB: Gus is a good man who has made a lot of bad choices in his life. He has a wife and child, but he has led a life of crime which has led to him being incarcerated and losing contact with the one he loves the most, his daughter. Now he just wants to get home to see her. BUT HE’S STUCK ON A BOAT FULL OF MONSTROUS GHOSTS! What’s he gonna do?


How long have you been working on the Dead Seas miniseries?

NB: Cavan and I had been throwing the idea back and forth to each other since around 2018. Eventually we had enough material to create a decent pitch for the series and we started showing it around. It took a little while to find a home for it but we’re glad that IDW picked it up! We like those folks!


You are creating all of the art for Dead Seas; is there a particular part of that process that you enjoy more?

NB: I like inking the most of all. That’s where I can cut loose and get a bit artistic with things. Especially with this book where I’m being quite expressive with my inking style. I’m trying to add to the gritty vibe by having my inking be quite scratchy and patchy – not clean and perfect looking. I enjoy that a lot.


Artistically has it been a challenge creating the world of Dead Seas?

NB: In some ways, yes. It’s quite hard to walk a line that is both realistic and believable while at the same time drawing stuff that is wild and horrific. Some aspects are easier, though. I enjoy drawing ships and the sea as I grew up in a sea faring family, so it feels sort of natural. The whole project is challenging but fun.


What’s it been like working with IDW Publishing?

NB: Well, both Cavan and I have worked with IDW for many years now and feels very comfortable. In fact, we met because of the work we did on Star Wars Adventures. To be honest, IDW sort of feels like home to me as they published my first ever real comic which was called Amelia Cole. In fact, they published five volumes of it!!! That’s a long run! Our editor Chase is amazing to work with. He gives us the space and time to do what we need to do but always seems to know when and where to jump in when we need help. He has guided us very expertly. 


How did you and Scott pick the artists for the alternative covers for the series?

NB: Oh boy! We made lists of people we really admired! Some of them were a little obscure or hard to find but you know what? Some of them came through! It’s been a real thrill to have other artists interpret our characters in their own special way!


What has it been like working with Scott on Dead Seas?

NB: It’s extremely easy for a few reasons. We’re of a similar age AND we were raised on the same cultural food here in the UK. Also, we did the hard work of fleshing out the story years ago! Cavan is a very fast writer, so I get scripts in good time to really work out what I’m doing. It’s most pleasurable!


The Dead Seas miniseries is six issues; if readers wanted to read more Dead Seas comics in the future, could that happen?

NB: Well, now. There are so many stories to be written in the DEAD SEAS world. I would say, that would be a delightful possibility. 


Any message for the ComicBuzz readers?

NB: I would say – thanks for reading this interview! I really would love for you all to give DEAD SEAS a go. I think many of you will find a connection with the story. There are characters you will grow to love and some you will love to hate. It’s like the best 80s adventure movies – full of scares and laughs and tears. Also, listen… A kick-ass Brazilian Pirate lady with a shotgun? Are you kidding me? 

Also, peace to you all, friends.

A big thank you to Nick for chatting with us. We would like to wish him and the rest of the team; the best of luck with the Dead Seas series.




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