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Strange Scaffold Announces Dark Incremental Narrative Game CLICKOLDING, In Partnership With Outersloth
CLICKOLDING releases later this summer on PC

El Paso, TX – June 26, 2024 – Developer Strange Scaffold (El Paso, Elsewhere, Life Eater, and I Am Your Beast) and newly-formed indie fund Outersloth, are proud to announce their upcoming story-driven game CLICKOLDING.

 This dark, first-person incremental narrative game revolves around thumbing a tally counter to satisfy the distressing masked man sitting in the corner of your hotel room. With the self-contained mystery of titles like Inscryption, and an emphasis on thoughtfully bringing an uncomfortable and shifting atmosphere to life, CLICKOLDING players will unravel a peculiar story one click at a time. Clicking, solving simple environmental puzzles, and managing a tenuous and uncertain relationship with an uncanny host are the subtle ingredients that make CLICKOLDING more than a suggestive pun.

 “We exist in a time where it’s hard for a game to be allowed to exist if it doesn’t fit into a clear genre or audience demographic,” says Strange Scaffold studio head Xalavier Nelson Jr. “With the support of Outersloth, and a track record for delivering games that don’t take the easy joke but instead use any topic as an opportunity to deliver a deeper experience, I want to make another project that challenges this environment. Another project that says video games should still step into new, uncomfortable, and undeniably compelling spaces.”

Key Features

  • Polished, mature, one-sitting storytelling from the developers behind Life Eater and El Paso, Elsewhere.
  • A surreal encounter with the Original Clickold in a land beyond space and thought.
  • Weird jazz from award-winning composer RJ Lake (Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Unbeatable).
  • A locked bathroom door.

CLICKOLDING launches July 16, 2024 on Steam for PC. For more information, follow Strange Scaffold on X.

About Strange Scaffold

Strange Scaffold is the development label of Xalavier Nelson Jr., known for his work as a leading developer on El Paso, Elsewhere, An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Sunshine Shuffle, and dozens of other critically acclaimed projects. For more information on Strange Scaffold, visit

 About Outersloth

Outersloth is a fund for indie developers looking to sustainably and freely make the games they want. Outersloth aims to share their success and support indies with friendly terms that help developers make their fun, clever, and original games. To learn more, visit their website

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