Celebrate Pride Month with SK6 on GlobalComix

LGBTQ+ content and Urban Fantasy comics from SK6 including 9MM GIRLS, MOVING IN, and GIRL LOVES TREATS

JUNE 29, 2023, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — The celebration of Pride Month with more great independent titles and creators featured on GlobalComix!

Since 2018, the SK6 creative team, Vice and Ash, have been creating comics focused on LGBTQ+ content and Urban Fantasy. Known for their unique projects, diverse characters, and storytelling, SK6 features 9MM GIRLS, MOVING IN, and GIRL LOVE TREATS.


We wanted to make an LGBTQ+ story without their sexuality being the main focus of the plot. In the universe of 9MM GIRLS, no one cares what you dig or what you are,” said Ash, Co-founder of SK6. “The characters are just there, living like anyone else, and it’s their life choices and personalities that lead where the story goes. Of course, because of this, we have a hard time publishing on public platforms, due to age and content restrictions. Though, we can finally say, that we found a good home for 9MM GIRLS on GlobalComix, where Ash can feel like she can express herself freely.”

At GlobalComix, inclusivity is incredibly important to us,” said Kevin Van Ness, Director of Community at GlobalComix. “That means building a community that focuses on celebrating a diverse array of creators as well as the comics, manga, and webcomics they make. We hope that SK6’s personal story helps inspire the next generation of LGBTQ+ creators around the world.”

Readers can find SK6 titles on the GlobalComix website!

Learn the latest news about GlobalComix by following the team’s Twitter or signing on to their Discord.

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