Bare Butt Boxing – Release Date Trailer

Party Physics Brawler Bare Butt Boxing Lands on Earth for 1.0 Launch August 1, 2024
Go for the gold in new maps, game modes on PC, Nintendo Switch

VANCOUVER, Canada — July 2, 2024 — Bare Butt Boxing, the comically chaotic multiplayer brawler from AAA visual effects studio Tuatara Games, pulls no punches as it enters the 1.0 ring with three never-before-seen maps and two new gameplay modes on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, August 1, 2024!

Colorful and mischievous aliens land on Earth to host unregulated boxing matches. Launch your opponents or the giant beach ball in portals to earn points based on which game mode is on. Whoever has the most points when the round is over wins! Face up to 3 friends locally, join 6 players online matches, or fight with bots in single player mode.

Punching is not the only key to victory : collect item boxes to use special powers like the powerful vacuum and super frenzy to turn the tides of battle. Keep an eye on stage hazards to avoid falling off the level! The gusting winds on the Mountain top and disappearing platforms at the neon disco Arcade can mess your score badly if you are not careful.

A rainbow of cosmetics is available for each fighter. Don shiny new skins, wacky fonts, and the latest in alien boxing glove fashions. These customization options are always available in local play, and can be unlocked via coins earned in-game to show off in online play! 

Enjoy the intergalactic soundtrack composed by Grand Soleil and handcrafted for the ultimate knockout experience.

“We are truly grateful to all the players that joined us in Early Access. With 1.0 we wanted to wrap up the game with more content and a bigger emphasis on local multiplayer, which has been heavily requested.” said Klemen Lozar, founder of Tuatara Games.

Bare Butt Boxing will swing into 1.0 on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch  on Thursday, August 1, 2024.

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About Tuatara Games

Tuatara Games delivers stunning results in the field of visual effects for AAA studios like Riot Games (Valorant), Epic Games (Fortnite), Counterplay Games (Godfall), and many more, but their passion doesn’t stop there. By supporting small indie developers and developing their own original experiences and games, Tuatara keeps experimenting and pushing interactive entertainment forward. Their first self-published game, Bare Butt Boxing, embraces chaos and whimsy in a world that often feels like the former, but could use more of the latter.

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