Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs Review

Developer: Resolution Games

Platforms: Meta Quest, Meta Rift, Pico, PSVR, PSVR 2 (Reviwed), Steam, Viveport

Genre: Casual

Publisher: Resolution Games


Angry Birds has arrived on PS5 VR2 with the classic puzzle game transported from the tiny screen to the immersive VR experience.


If you have yet to play Angry Birds, this puzzle strategy has had an immense following as a mobile game over many years. It was one of the biggest smartphone games and even had its own movies.


This version moves the faithful 2D classic to a VR world but stays true to its roots. You assume the role of a slingshot as you fire an array of Angry Birds at pigs in hiding in a series of environments. In the VR world, your hand is a slingshot, which you load with Angry Birds to kill the smug pigs. That’s it. There isn’t much to say, but it’s a fun, simple game that embraces the 3D VR world. In the 2D version, you could scroll to the left or right, depending on your target, to figure out a strategy to kill the pigs. In the VR version, some levels will give you multiple vantage points to kill all the pigs; that’s the most significant gameplay mechanic change; otherwise, it plays like the original. The controls are simple and intuitive: pull back your bird and let go; some birds have actions you can initiate after flying out of the slingshot. The graphics and layout are excellent, with bright and vibrant colours and a series of levels set to different. The sound effects match the rich, wacky world. It’s quick, short and enjoyable, but expect little depth of longevity. It is fun and simple, though!


It’s a simple but fun game; if you want something different and simple to play for your VR, I recommend it. However, there is very little replay value, and you can whizz through the game in a few hours. The visuals, sound effects and gameplay are good, but nothing groundbreaking.

Overall: 6.5 / 10

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