Written by: Christina Rice

Artist: Brenda Hickey

Colourist: Heather Breckel

Lettering by: Neil Uyetake

Cover Artists: Brenda Hickey, Sara Richard, Jen Vaughn

Published by: IDW Publishing


Sugar Cube Corner is the sweetest place to be in Ponyville. However, their business is in real danger of closing when Temperance Flowerdew comes into town. Her aim is to educate ponies on the dangers of sugar. As a total boycott on sweets begins, just how long can Pinkie Pie survive without cupcakes?!

My Little Pony has always had an underlying theme of education within every episode and comic released. This issue is no different, as it tackles the subject of healthy eating. In retrospect, this is a subject that probably should have been touched upon in the January issue instead, just to coincide with the annual incentive by so many to lose those winter pounds, but I digress.


Temperance Flowerdew is a strong-willed and confrontational woman, who believes absolutely that her views are the only truth that matters; sugar is evil, and all it does is cause harm and makes ponies ill. As such, she spends most of her time preaching about the side effects of eating sugar. From what I can understand, the character of Temperance is somewhat based on the Temperance Movement from back in the 1800’s, which focused on shaming and banning the consumption of alcohol.

Temperence’s argument is so strong and confrontational, that even Pinkie Pie is seriously affected by her words. Our bubbly, positive party girl starts to question both her lifestyle and purpose. It is a haunting scene and one that will be clearly understood by all readers as to what is actually being referred to in the issue. In response to her agenda, Twilight and Applejack take it upon themselves to both explain another viewpoint to Temperance and to secretly continue making cupcakes.


This issue can be found with three variant art covers. The first, pictured at the top of the page, is by Brenda Hickey, who is also the main artist for this issue. The front cover represents the story inside to a tee. The artwork is comical inside this issue, but certain panels definitely stand out, especially, for example, the scene between Pinkie and Temperance. The second cover is by Sara Richard, which features Rarity, after having a (regrettable?) sugar binge. Lastly, we have the third cover, this time by Jen Vaughn. This image is the closest style to the show, with both Pinkie and Applejack are serving treats to their friends.

This is an educational story and will resonate with all ages, although the message may be a little too blunt for the younger readers. I do hope the next issue is a multi-issue adventure so we can get some really good action.

Overall: 7/10