Zeros Webcomic Returns


Imagine a world where everyone had a super-power…

The Zeros webcomic will return in January 2021 with a special digital issue on Comixology. The all-ages story is set in a future world where every single person has a superhuman power. The series is created, written and drawn by Martin Eden, the award-nominated creator behind spic superhero soap opera The O Men and groundbreaking LGBT superhero series Spandex.

Zeros focuses on 12 school pupils in ‘Class O’ at the Powertown Institute,” says London-based Martin. “In Volume One, the main characters were 8 years old but now the story has moved ahead by 10 years.”

The main characters have changed since Volume One. “A lot has gone on over the 10 years,” says Martin, “including another Super World War. There are a lot of changes for Class O too – two of them are dating, one barely speaks, another is homeless and another now has a disability.”

Zeros will appear from January at where a new chapter will be released each month. The first three chapters will be available exclusively in a special issue on Comixology and Amazon Kindle from the start of January. The issue will also include an interview with Martin and a preview of Volume Two.


Martin promises some intriguing storylines in Volume Two, mostly looking at the personal lives of the characters but there will be plenty of action too. Martin also promises something unique: “One of the characters has to deal with some huge changes in her life. They’re actually things that happened to me, in a way. There’s a chapter where it’s showcased and I don’t think this kind of story has been done in a ‘superhero’ comic before.”

Zeros Volumes One and Two can be read for free at A complete Volume One book is available on Comixology.


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