Yusibu Collection Review

Created By: Jun Sakyou

Directed By: Kinji Yoshimoto

Studio: Asread

Audio: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Episode Count: 1-12, OVA

Classification: 18

Format: DVD, Blu-Ray

Licensed By: MVM Entertainment

Release Date: June 2018


Raul Chaser – the name of an up and coming hero, or at least it was. Instead this name now belongs on an employee name tag, as former hero-in-training Raul now works as a sales assistant in a store called Magic Shop Reon. When a new employee joins the crew, Raul is tasked with training her in. It’s soon discovered that Phino Bloodstone is the daughter of the former Demon Lord and is next in line for the throne! However this young demon seems more content selling customers magical appliances, than planning on enslaving humanity and starting a new war.

First off, this show has a really long title which does a great job in explaining almost the entire show. So from here on, I’ll just be referring to it as ‘Yusibu’. So this show is set in a World a few years after the defeat of the Demon Lord, ending the war against his evil minions. So society has started to evolve, heroes have been made redundant and the schools that trained then have been closed. It’s a time when those that were in the profession of demon slaying have had to make a choice – either continue training and finding new ways to use their skills or adapt to the new reality and get whatever job they can. This is the hard choice Raul had to make and how he ended up working at a Magic Appliance store – mostly because he failed every other interview. It’s taken a few years to adjust, but Raul has evolved into his role in the store. Now he is tasked with training the new recruit – former Demon Lord Princess: Phino Bloodstone. A girl straight out of the depths of hell, with almost zero understanding of the human World and it’s customs. This is where the hilarity begins!

So Phino Bloodstone, daughter of the deceased Demon Lord and new employee of Magic Shop Reon. After the murder of her father by a group of heroes, you’d think she’d want revenge! Instead this devilish young girl just wants a career, far away from her family’s generations of demonic rulers. Now living in the human World, Phino’s heritage is more or less kept secret for fear the public would cry out for her head. She is a funny young girl, doing her utmost to fit in and seems to enjoy her new job. Raul on the other hand spent most of his life wanting to be a Hero, by leaving his village behind and joining a school to train heroes. All of his hopes and dreams were dashed away before he even had a chance to graduate. He has come to terms with the fact he needs to find a new career path, however it takes much longer for his former classmates to come to terms with the new reality. One of which is Airi Altinate, otherwise known as ‘All A’. There are a number of interesting characters in this show, from Rauls former Hero School rivals, to his new work colleagues and even the employees from the neighbouring Lawson combini. All of whom add to the hilarious story telling of the show, most of which involves the female characters either being sexually harassed or with little to no clothes on. There is some good character development though.

So even with the Age of Heroes over, there is an underlying scheme to go back to hunting Demons as some people try to force Phino to become the new Demon Lord. Now this only comes to light at the end of episode 9, as the rest of the series just deals with Phino learning the ropes at her new job and the store trying to get more sales as a new competitor has opened up a megastore nearby. Overall this is quite a fun anime to watch, it’s both short and sweet. It reminds me quite a bit of ‘The Devil is a Part Timer!’, so if you enjoyed that show then I say you’ll love this one.

‘Yusibu’ first began as a light novel series back in 2012 by Jun Sakyou and finished just two years later with a total of 10 volumes. The series was then adapted in two manga series of the same name, both in 2013. Neither the mangas or the light novels were picked up for an English translation. In the same year, the anime was released by Studio Asread. This Japanese animation studio was founded back in 2003 and has also produced Shuffle!, Ga-Rei Zero and Future Diary.

Bonus Features Include:

  • Textless Opening
  • Textless Closing
  • Trailers

Yusibu: I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job, a long ass title but an easy to watch show if you don’t mind the confusing subtitles at times. The overall anime was cute and enjoyable, a bit too much unnecessary nudity but there were plenty of laughs to be found. The OVA was a nice addition, the show has that rewatchability charm to it but it is a shame it was never dubbed, as the overlapping, badly color coded subtitles do take away from the show at times. I still do advise checking this anime out, even after mentioning the release’s shortcomings.

In the meantime, stay safe, get creative and try to smile some more!

Overall: 7/10

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