Youth Volume 1 Review

Written By: Curt Pires

Illustrated By: Alex Diotto

Colorist: Dee Cunniffe

Lettering By: Micah Myers

Cover By: Alex Diotto

Format: Digital, Print

Licensed By: comiXology, Dark Horse Comics


YOUTH follows the turbulent lives of two teenage boys that run away from their small minded town in hopes of making it to California. Frank and River, two queer teens that fall for one another leave their troubled homes behind and drive untl they run out of gas. They soon come across other misfit teens, who welcome them into their group. The fun continues for this new gang of friends, as raging hormones are mixed with liquor and drugs. Soon tempers are flying and before they know it, they are being pursued by the cops. The madness continues, just when they think they have escaped with their lives – a cosmic blast changes these teens’ lives forever!

Well every good superhero story has to start somewhere, usually the individuals are formed out of some kind of tragedy and that is exactly what has happened to this group of misfits. Speaking of, there are many similarities between this story and that of the UK sitcom Misfits. Both groups of wayward teens were struck with unusual powers, neither of which knew how best to use them and instead went instead for personal gain. In the later half of this volume, we see the horrifying consequences when one such superpowered individual gets hammered and starts throwing punches at civilians.


This series is just filled with countless twists and turns, there is never a calm moment. Its as though you got the cast of the TV show Misfits and put them in charge of establishing the X-Men – but first they have to fund it all through any means necessary. These teens are more like anti-heroes and are much more akin to the likes of Deadpool’s personality. Look out for yourself and only those in your immediate circle. This is far from the end of YOUTH, as there is already a Season Two being published, which I will also be reviewing.

YOUTH was co created by author Curt Pires and illustrator Alex Diotto. Curt has had a very successful career as of late, as five out of his eight creator owned properties are now in development for TV and film, including YOUTH which has been licensed for Amazon Prime Video. The artwork is quite striking in a way that kind of reminds me of the rough sketches that are used for a storyboard during filming so everyone has an idea of how it will be shot. Some of the panels are quite crude at times, especially when it comes to facial expressions but it still manages to get the point & emotions across to the reader. This series doesn’t need to rely on pretty drawings and perfect outlines, the story is more than enough to carry this through. Where it excels is in the scenarios it depicts, the chaos, car chases, drug filled parties and the horny teens making out. It is honestly a wild ride for a comic and its no surprise that it has been picked up for a live action series.


YOUTH is a modern coming of age series that follows a bunch of misfit teens that have been forgotten both by society and their families. We follow their lives as they go from parties, to drugs, alcohol and car chases. Only for them to be struck down by a cosmic power that totals their van but leaves them with unimaginable powers.

YOUTH Volume 1 is available to buy in physical print from Dark Horse Comics and online through comiXology.

Overall: 9/10

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