Youth Season 2 #1 – 4 Review

Written By: Curt Pires

Illustrated By: Alex Diotto

Colorist: Dee Cunniffe

Lettering By: Micah Myers

Cover By: Alex Diotto

Format: Digital, Print

Licensed By: comiXology, Dark Horse Comics


Adam and Madison find themselves on the run, after they are left fighting for their lives against Madisons’ mothers’ ‘scumbag boyfriend’. As they make their escape, knowing they would be locked up if the authorities were ever to find them. Their car is suddenly struck by a flying purple comet. Just like before, upon touching this ominous object the teens are gifted with immense powers. From super strength to invulnerability, however its not long before a wannabe Nick Fury tracks them down. Can our original gang of super powered YOUTHs from Volume 1 save the day, or are they all destined to be incinerated?

Season Two kicks off with a new set of characters, as we meet a trio of outcast teens from troubled backgrounds. Following on with the similar trend of broken families, drug use, abandonment and hormonal teens, season two of YOUTHs follows a very similar trend to what we saw in Volume 1. All of which is taking place not long after Volume 1 ended. It’s certainly full of action, violence, sex driven teens and bullying. The most intriguing character of them all however, has to be our very own knock-off Nick Fury.


This high ranking, special forces agent is on the constant prowl of tracking down these super-powered teens. Given just a short amount of time, he even acquired weapons that were capable of taking down these anti-hero Youths. Not only that, but he even bragged about taking down Gods. Who does the guy think he is and where is his spin off series? Apart from this guy, we have to return to our original duo of Frank and River. If you want to see more of these two, then you are just going to have to read the very last issue. There are far too many spoilers, to even mention what happens there.

As it stands, YOUTH was a pretty interesting series. It had taken similar elements and plots from the likes of Marvel and Misfits. However it certainly was a lot more violent and bloody than what I was expecting, it would also make a good TV series. Which luckily for us, it is currently in the works with backing from Amazon Prime Video. Given enough advertising and promotion, this could be the next big thing for people that have enjoyed The Boys and Umbrella Academy. However I could easily see this comic series expanding, but as it stands I think this is the last we will see of them until the TV series hits screens.


YOUTH was co created by author Curt Pires and illustrator Alex Diotto. Curt has had a very successful career as of late, as five out of his eight creator owned properties are now in development for TV and film, including YOUTH which has been licensed for Amazon Prime Video. The artwork is quite striking in a way that kind of reminds me of the rough sketches that are used for a storyboard during filming so everyone has an idea of how it will be shot. Some of the panels are quite crude at times, especially when it comes to facial expressions but it still manages to get the point & emotions across to the reader. This series doesn’t need to rely on pretty drawings and perfect outlines, the story is more than enough to carry this through. Where it excels is in the scenarios it depicts, the chaos, car chases, drug filled parties, horny teens making out and exploiting heads! It is honestly a wild ride for a comic and its no surprise that it has been picked up for a live action series.

Check out the entire web series right here, as there is no release date as of yet for the printed edition from Dark Horse Comics :

Overall: 8/10

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