Young Plato Interviews

Hot off the red carpet from DIFF, our very own Paula Wiseman got a chance to interview the producers and directors of Young Plato, a documentary set in post-conflict Belfast.

An observational documentary set in post-conflict Belfast’s Ardoyne, where a marginalized, working-class community has for generations been plagued by poverty, drugs and guns. This film charts the dream of Headmaster Kevin McArevey and his dedicated visionary team, illustrating how critical thinking and pastoral care can empower and encourage children to see beyond the boundaries and limitations of their own community. We see how philosophy can encourage them to question the mythologies of war and of violence, and challenge the narratives of their community.


David Rane – Producer

Neasa Ni Chianain – Director

Declan McGrath – Co-Producer/Director  

Kevin McArevey – Principal in the school



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