Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom Release Trailer

Monster Prom publisher launches N64 inspired collectathon Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom today!

Indie studio Panik Arcade and publisher Those Awesome Guys have released their newest title Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom. The crazy and hectic driving platformer is out on PC via Steam today! 

About the game:

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom, the chaotic arcade platformer with high hopes and no jump button, is ready to take players on the trip of a lifetime. Make full use of your advanced move-set to navigate hand-crafted retro worlds without a jump button in this vibrant love letter to the N64 era of collectathons!

Ride to the top of hills, trees, houses and people before the clock runs out, and meet a colourful cast of weirdos in this nostalgia-infused trip worth taking.

Key features:

  • Flip, dash, and bump your way to new heights, and you’ll spend more time in mid-air than on the ground!
  • There’s always something to collect! We dare you: try to get out of bounds! 
  • Meet weirdos like Morio, Pizza King, and Mega Chad as you piece together the narrative puzzle and unravel the grand conspiracy happening on Grandma’s Island
  • A genuine passion project dedicated to the retro days of video games!

Links: Steam page 

Quote from the developer:

“Our taxi can reach places no car is able to. It has the speed of Sonic but the technicality of Mario”, says Matteo, game designer of Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom. ‘’No jump button’ is the limitation we want you to break!”

About Panik Arcade:

Panik Arcade is the neon-coloured brainchild of Matteo and Lorenzo, two Italians raised on pizza, comics and Nintendo 64. After hitting first place with their prototype during the Brackeys Jam 2020, the indie duo decided to go bigger, brighter and bolder, transforming what was at first a fun take on the games of old into their first commercial title as a studio.Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is scheduled to release on Steam on April 9th and yes, that is the real name.

About Those Awesome Guys:

Based… online, Those Awesome Guys is a fiercely independent video game development and publishing studio formed out of people from all around the world.

After the launch of hit success Move or Die, the studio branched out to publishing with the release of Monster Prom, and now preparing the launch of upcoming titles Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom and Valley Peaks.
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