Wizordum Launches on Steam Early Access Today

Apogee’s Retro First-Person Spellcaster “Wizordum” Launches on Steam Early Access Today

DALLAS – Nov. 15, 2023 – Wizordum, the retro first-person spellcaster developed by Emberheart Games and published by Apogee Entertainment, launches on Steam Early Access today with a spellbook full of never before seen weapons, abilities, and much more.

A great Wizard’s thirst for lost knowledge leads him to the forbidden depths of Terrabruma, breaking the ancient seal of a cosmic prison. The ever-corrupting Chaos is now unleashed, corrupting all life in its path. As one of the last surviving mages of Wizordum, search for the source of corruption across the realm rife with danger and vanquish evil in this fast-paced, ‘90s-inspired FPS.

Cleanse the dilapidated Town of Grimbrook in search of clues leading to the source of Chaos.  Scour for the evil wellspring across disheveled dungeons, crumbling cathedrals, and ashen streets. Avoid traps and solve maze-like puzzles while gathering keys, items, and precious ammunition to advance past deadly foes throughout every level.

Bash corrupted beings and mercenary goblins with a sharp-edged mace, and blast ornery ogres to oblivion with enchanted weapons. Leverage elemental spell effects to gain the upperhand — freeze scuttling rats into shatter-ready blocks with the Frostweaver, and use Pyroblast spell to hurl fiery boulders at wayward skeletons.

Grab a torch to increase view distance and brighten dark dungeons. Become untouchable with a Fire Shield that hurts enemies up close, and store up the divine-power from fallen foes to cast the Divine Touch — a mighty shockwave of divine power that will break and tear everything in its path.

Conjure up greater challenges with multiple difficulty levels, and speedrun to the top of online leaderboards. Create challenging adventures, full-length episodes, and everything in between with the in-game level editor, and download creations from fellow mages on Steam and GOG alike.
Drive out corruption to the tunes of enchanting hi-fi and lo-fi original soundtracks, coming soon from Apogee Music. Opt for ominous orchestral crescendos, or compliment Wizordum’s retro aesthetic with a nostalgic soundscape produced with authentic Roland midi modules, inspired by fantasy FPS classics such as Heretic, Hexen, and Ultima Underworld. Sample the epic arrangements with “Symphonic Suite from Wizordum” now available on Apogee’s YouTube channel as well as all music streaming platforms.
Wizordum is a magical dose of nostalgia combined with seamless modern controls, and is very much a love letter to old-school fantasy FPS titles,” said Primož Vovk, developer at Emberheart Games. “There have already been so many awesome creations through the level editor, and we look forward to players sharing their creations with the Wizordum community.”

Wizordum is available on Steam for the magically low price of $14.99. For more information on the enchanted world of Wizordum, check out their Twitter and Discord. For more on Apogee Entertainment, please visit the Apogee website and follow @Apogee_Ent on Twitter.

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