Witches of Brooklyn Review

Written By: Sophie Escabasse

Illustrated By: Sophie Escabasse

Page Count: 240 pgs

Published By: Random House Graphic

Release Date: 1st September 2020


Effie has just lost her Mom and now stands in the home of her estranged Aunt, a woman whom she has never known. Now left in her Aunt’s care, Effie is suddenly forced to adjust her whole life as not only to being an orphan but also to her new surroundings. As her Aunts try their best to comfort her and also learn to adjust to their new and much younger houseguest, they are also trying to juggle keeping their other job a secret. Effie’s Aunt and her partner are both Witches! The good kind of course, who use their knowledge to help people and also lift curses from World renowned popstars. An exciting adventure awaits, as Effie begins to develop her own magical talents.


What began as a story of immense loss and sadness, a complete life unheavful and total uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring – was instead turned into quite an uplifting read. As we meet Effie and her two Aunts, as they meet through unfortunate circumstances and are instantly put into a new family dynamic. Where the resident senior citizen witches are enjoying their routine life, they are overnight made into guardians for a young girl that is only roughly related to them. We begin to understand both sides of the story, as we see the situation from both viewpoints. Effie begins to deal with her loss, the challenges that await her in both a new home, school and environment. Thankfully, there are children her age that take a shine to her and almost instantly they become friends. As they all share the same interests, its not long before what was once a quiet house is soon filled with laughter again.

Once the initial secret has been exposed, there are a number of other surprises waiting for Effie in her new home. From a popstar in her kitchen, to the dedication and science behind creating new potions and even some magical talent that has made it down through generations of her family tree. This story not only tackles some sad subjects such as loss, but also the anxiety of having to adjust to a new life without any familiarities. It’s a book well worth spending your time reading, with beautiful illustrations and great storytelling. I doubt it will be the last we hear of Effie’s character, as I hope to see a second book joining this series next year.


The story and illustrations were created by Sophie Escabasse, a French author and illustrator living in Montreal. She has done illustrations for many books in her career, including Florence Parry Heide and Roxanne Heide Pierce’s Spotlight Club Mysteries series (Albert Whitman); and the Freestyler Funnies series by Tom Easton (Hachette UK). This book, “Witches of Brooklyn” appears to be her first solo debut and I am sure it will be a success.

You can buy your copy now in the link below, on sites such as Amazon and Book Depository. Or better yet, why not order in a copy form your local bookstore!


Overall: 8/10

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