Witchblade Variant Covers Revealed


LOS ANGELES 06/07/2024 — New York Times bestselling writer Marguerite Bennett (Animosity, Batwoman, DC Bombshells) and artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Suicide Squad, Power Rangers, Red Sonja)’s upcoming Witchblade #1 launch will feature two eye-popping, extremely limited variant covers, a 1:50 copy incentive variant by J. Scott Campbell and a 1:100 copy incentive variant by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Campbell’s and Sienkiewicz’s signature styles will join the lineup of exciting cover artists—Giuseppe Cafaro, DANI, Brad Simpson, and Marc Silvestri—contributing variants to this momentous Witchblade milestone and will help kick off this new reimagining hitting comic book stores in July.


“We can’t wait for Witchblade fans to fall in love with Sara Pezzini all over again and for new readers to experience the energy of the ’90s with this new origin story!” said Silvestri, one of the original Witchblade’s co-creators, the CEO of Top Cow Productions, and one of the original founders of Image Comics.


In Witchblade #1, New York City Police Detective Sara Pezzini’s life was forever fractured by her father’s murder. Cold, cunning, and hellbent on revenge, Sara now stalks a vicious criminal cabal beneath the city, where an ancient power collides and transforms her into something wild, magnificent, and beyond her darkest imaginings.

Campbell and Sienkiewicz’s covers embody Bennett’s and Cafaro’s sleek, vicious, ferocious, and powerful new Witchblade—and prompt curiosity as to how Sara will use this ancient power—and whether she will be consumed by it.



Witchblade (2024) #1 will be 48 pages and be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 17 for $4.99. The Final Order Cutoff deadline for comic shop retailers is Monday, June 24:

  • Cover A by Silvestri & Arif Prianto – Lunar Code 0524IM221
  • Cover B by Cafaro & Arif Prianto – Lunar Code 0524IM222 
  • Cover C by Blank Sketch – Lunar Code 0524IM223
  • Cover D (1:10 copy incentive) by Dani & Simpson – Lunar Code 0524IM224 
  • Cover E (1:25 copy incentive) by Silvestri & Arif Prianto Virgin – Lunar Code 0524IM225 
  • Cover F (1:50 copy incentive) by Campbell – Lunar Code 0524IM226
  • Cover G (1:100 copy incentive) by Sienkiewicz – Lunar Code 0524IM227 
  • Cover H (1:250 copy incentive) by Silvestri B&W Virgin – Lunar Code 0524IM228 
  • Cover I (1:500 copy incentive) by Silvestri Signed B&W Virgin – Lunar Code 0524IM816: Retailers who order 500 copies or more of Cover A, B, and C in any combination, are eligible to order an additional copy of Witchblade (2024) #1 Cover H 1:250 copy incentive B&W virgin variant signed by cover artist Silvestri. Note: Cover I may ship after the on-sale date of Wednesday, July 17.
  • Cover J (1:1,000 copy incentive) by Silvestri B&W Virgin – Lunar Code 0524IM817: Retailers who order 1,000 copies or more of Cover A, B, and C in any combination, are eligible to order an original piece of art drawn on a blank variant cover by Marc Silvestri (limit one per store). Note: Cover J may ship after the on-sale date of Wednesday, July 17.
    Witchblade (2024) #1 will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Witchblade is a comic book series published by Top Cow Productions, which ran from November 1995 to October 2015 and December 2017 to January 2020. The series was created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, and Michael Turner. The comic series was made into a TNT television series in 2001 and was directed by Ralph Hemecher and starred Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini. Later, Top Cow and Japanese animation studio Gonzo produced an anime adaptation of Witchblade, which debuted in 2006.

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