Witchblade #6 Review

Writer: Caitlin Kittredge

Artist: Roberta Ingranata

Colorist: Bryan Valenza

Letterer: Troy Peteri

Editor: Eric Stephenson

Cover: Roberta Ingranata & Bryan Valenza

Publisher: Image Comics & Top Cow


Not since Sarah Pezzini was Witchblade, I have read an issue of this comic, but this new incarnation of the heroine was a pleasant surprise to have at hands.

The new run updates the feel and mood of the series in magistral ways. Set in the snowy streets of New York, the story now follows Alexandra Underwood, a big network reporter turned witness services’ counselor who, after being shot in a rooftop during an investigation, dies and comes back to find herself bound to the bracelet of Witchblade.


As she learns to deal with this second chance, a supposed friend and most definitely ally, Ash, introduces himself, but so does a nameless demon and inhabitant of many bodies, who isn’t happy at all with the Witchblade’s return, and right into his city.

In his quest to shoo Alex and her new piece of jewelery away from NY, we have the demon, in issue #6, kidnapping Ash and hoping that would be enough to do the deed. But instead of instilling fear, all he manages is to unify Alex and the Witchblade even more, driving her to attack with full force, one with the artifact.


The 90’s kid in me was more than happy to find the same mood of the old school Witchblade with a new story to be told. It took me some backtracking to get really invested in the characters, so if possible, start with number #1. After that the story will run smooth as silk, but without the backtrack, it’s hard to understand what is going on.

Overall: 8/10


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