Witch Creek Road #2 – Kickstarter

Witch Creek Road #2 – Kickstarter

Described as “a blood-drenched ode to classic horror” (horrortalk.com), Witch Creek Road “answers the question of what would happen if Mean Girls existed in the Evil Dead universe” (screamhorrormag.com).In short, Witch Creek Road is a survival horror about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy, flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.

Issue 2 picks up where issue 1 left off, and examines the idea of madness, and what happens to a person when they’ve peered too far behind the veil. Oh, and did I mention it takes place in an abandoned cabin in the woods? That always ends well… right?!

Witch Creek Road #2 2

Witch Creek Road #2 launched on Kickstarter on September 13th with funding already at 450% and going for !! Be sure to join in on the horror and the fun:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1502783258/1903577348?ref=2u6nmo&token=0d1c6ba6

Witch Creek Road follows a group of high school seniors, and explores the consequences of taking the wrong road. At its core, it’s survival horror, but it’s also a story about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy, flesh-eating demons. Because every story needs sexy, flesh-eating demons.

You can read the entire first issue on WEBTOONS or TAPAS – both of these sites have been optimized for reading on mobile devices. Or, for a more traditional comic experience, you can read Witch Creek Road on my personal website, releasingtheserpents.com.

“Wait, wait, wait! If I can read the comic for free, why am I backing?!”


The answer is: you don’t have to. The comic will continue to be posted for free. But if you do back – and the PDF is only $1 – you’ll receive a copy of issue 2 immediately after the Kickstarter is over and the reward surveys have been filled out. And once amb3r has finished with her colors, you’ll receive an updated, full-color version of the issue. The pages I post online will only ever be in grayscale.

Witch Creek Road #2 3


“A clever poke at horror tropes, the comic creates a surprisingly rounded view of love, peer pressure, and the never-ending tedium of high school life on top of wonderful splatter-print of gore. With sharp art and witty dialogue, Witch Creek Road answers the question of what would happen if Mean Girls existed in the Evil Dead universe.”


“Witch Creek Road is a blood-drenched ode to classic horror. It’s a fun play on that classic trope where a group of sex-crazed teenagers head into the woods looking for a good time and find something horrifying instead. It’s worth checking out to see the gorgeous artwork alone.”


“Garth’s story flows beautifully, with the perfect blend of world building, mystery, and drama. Kenan’s art delivers a story that draws you in and punches you in the guts when you get too close. Sabrina’s colouring provides a tone of lurking darkness and suburbia nihilism contrasted by youthful optimism and energy. Execution of Witch Creek Road is perfect!”

– CEK Contect

“[The artwork is] really well done. Honestly something you would see from the Big Two.”

– Comic Uno






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