Wilde Women Review

Author: Louise Pentland

Page Count: 400 pgs

Format: Hardback, Paperback, Audiobook, Kindle

Publisher: Zaffre

Release Date: 25th July 2019


Robin Wilde is back! After a very successful job done at London Fashion Week and scoring hot ex-pat Edward, Robin has been aceing the difficult task of juggling being the perfect mother, employee and girlfriend. However, one by one, things begin to unravel for Robin as she tries to be there for her best friend Lacey as she takes her first steps into parenthood, a big job Stateside that will shape the future of MADE IT and the truth behind why Auntie Kath has been evasive lately. There is just so much going on in Robin’s life, that she doesn’t have a moment to relax.

Wilde Women is the final book in Louise Pentland’s trilogy, that follows the many ups and downs of Robin Wilde’s life. We have been through the ringer when it comes to our Robin, as she battled against her own thoughts with her mental health, diving into the dating pool and taking on a full time demanding job with MADE IT. Now she has Edward by her side, still in the early stages of their relationship, Robin is also battling against the tantrums and testing behaviour of her little girl Lyla as she slowly begins to adjust to sharing her mom. More or else the same trouble she had with Lyla in Wilde About The Girl, when Auntie Kath met Colin. This book touches on many issues when it comes to mental health. By analyzing the word ‘fine’, which is used far too often as a way of avoiding comforting and expressing our true, real feelings. As well as reflecting back on Robins’ miscarriage in the previous book, Louise also focuses mainly on Postpartum Depression from the view of a friend, on how to help and encourage them to seek professional help from their GP. This book covers many issues, and Robin is going through many herself. From the challenges involved in parenting, bringing a new relationship into her family with regards to Edward and the stress of having her hand in too many honeypots. Aunty Kath is also dealing with her own issues, which talking about it would spoil the book, so I’ll keep quiet on that plot.

Aunty Kath introduced her boyfriend Colin in Book 2: Wilde About The Girl, much to the frustration of Lyla as it meant Kath wasn’t spending as much time with her. In this book however, Colin is only ever mentioned and doesn’t seem to have any ‘screen time’ at all. A vast change from the last book, and this time it’s Edward who is getting the brunt of Lyla’s anger.

Robin is a strong, independent woman who provides a home, steady income and all the support & love for her ‘bluebird’ Lyla. However this mama bear needs support too, she has that from Edward, but with hectic work schedules that take them to the other side of the World, it gets almost impossible to spend time together. Robin puts her all into her family, work and friends, and now with the local community group Women Who Win! She has helped create a support network for women who wish to either gain or offer up their skills to help others develop a business. An ingenious idea that I hope will become a reality to many communities outside the book if readers take up the initiative to create such a thing.

We have all known Lacey as Robin’s BFF who owned the flower shop, who clinged to the hope of one day having a child. Well her dreams have come true, but motherhood has hit her hard. Her story reflects many women out there, an issue that is slowly becoming more and more talked about openly – Postpartum Depression. Once again Lousie has delivered a book that instantly reads like we have known these characters all our lives, having sat on their couches and talked for hours putting the troubles of the World right. Just as the first book: Wilde Like Me, where Robin dealt with The Emptiness and loneliness, the second installment: Wilde About The Girl dealt with Miscarriage and Infertility Problems, the final installement: Wilde Women deals with what many mothers and fathers have gone through after having a child – Postpartum Depression.

Louise has certainly delivered a wonderful series of books that will be on my most recommended list for years to come, as well as creating such wonderful characters that come across as being so real that you could easily bump into them down the street. Louise has also skillfully discussed many important topics, from parenthood, both solo and shared custody, to mental health, self esteem, returning to dating, returning to working full time and the drama around school pick ups.

To those of you that have not heard of Louise Pentland before, but instead simply discovered these books and were first attracted by the story, let me tell you a little bit more about her. Louise is an award-winning lifestyle and beauty blogger from England, a UN Global Ambassador for Gender Equality, an accomplished author and a Beauty, Baby & Lifestyle YouTuber with over 2.4 Million Subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/user/SprinkleofGlitter

This is hopefully not the last book she will ever pen, so in order to keep up to date with all the latest news – including title and first-look cover reveals – join Louise at www.louisepentlandnovel.com and subscribe to the newsletter.

Let me know your thoughts on this book as soon as you finish reading it, as I can’t wait to discuss it with people! How did you feel about the ending? Is there more to Robin’s story you want to read about? Put your comments below, or tag us on Twitter @_comicbuzz with the hashtag #WildeWomen

Overall: 9/10


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