Wildcat Gun Machine Review

Developer: Chunkybox Games

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X (Reviewed) |S

Genre: Action

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment


Wildcat Gun Machine is a stripped back narrative-less, roguelike bullet hell shooter that is cat-themed. This is what I would say to describe this game in one sentence. It’s also a single-player game only with no online features; as of yet.

Wildcat Gun Machine does take its inspiration from bullet hell dungeon crawlers and rogue-like games; these two core ideas underpin the whole game. I’m a fan of both, so this game was up to my street, and the 2D pixel art and art direction are superb.


You play as an unnamed character in an unnamed; world, and before you know it. You are thrown into this weird and odd world full of lots of disgusting creatures. The game consists of a central checkpoint where you spawn; this area acts as a hub where you upgrade and buy new weapons. You will also have the use of a dash; and grenades which have cooldowns associated with them. The game emphasises the smart; use of the two guns you carry, one which has unlimited ammo and the other requires ammo packages you find throughout the game. You will also have the use of a dash and grenades, which have cooldowns associated with them.


The game is visually beautiful, and every element, from the bullets to the huge bosses, are stunning.The game is also cat-themed, as there is no story, and there is no context to anything, which I’m okay with. I enjoy just jumping and killing things! The game mechanics are smooth, and it’s enjoyable on the whole; the roguelike elements are good too, but I found the lack of ammo at times a bit tiresome, but this does add to the difficulty. Game mechanics and graphics are superb – I can’t fault the core gaming concepts. The controls are that of a twin-stick shooter; the left thumbstick will guide you around the levels while the right aims your weapon of choice. The guiding of your character is smooth and responsive; the mechanics are spot on. Using the right thumbstick gives you accurate aiming.


The game has a chunky deep soundtrack that hits hard like your enemies; each area has different music and sound effects that suit your surroundings. Epic music is present as you battle the; huge bosses. The sound production, soundtrack and effects are all superb.

The lack of story or some superficial does give the feel that the game lacks in parts. If you enjoy bullet hell and dungeon crawlers, you will like this game.


The game is beautiful, and I loved the pixel art too. I enjoyed the core game mechanics and the roguelike elements. I love the ease of gameplay and learning curve; it’s challenging but not ridiculously difficult. The lack of a story of any sort does take away from the experience and seems like a gap; I even missed the option to skip dialogue that I wasn’t interested in.

Roguelike and dungeon crawler madness in a fun digestible form, lots of action and fun. A huge plethora of guns (over 40) and creatures to kill.

Overall: 6.5/10

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