Wild Woods Now On Steam’s Remote Play Together-Event

Grab Three Friends And Jump On This Waggon of Cute Co-Op-Action

Four kitties and a goat versus countless malicious woodland critters!

12.02.2024 Hamburg – Developer Octofox Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment are happy to announce that their action-packed, yet heartwarmingly cute co-op game Wild Woods will participate in Steam’s Remote Play Together-Event with a new and improved demo. The event starts today at 10am PT / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET. Choose one of four lovable cat warriors, grab a sword and protect your trusty wagon and your goat Rosie from vicious woodland critters like rabbits and badgers. You can do that all by yourself, or grab up to 3 other friends and let the co-op fun begin. Wild Wood’s multiplayer can be enjoyed locally with 4 controllers and also works via Steam Remote Play.

Check out the Wild Woods Demo on Steam


Protect the waggon at all costs!

While daytime is all about collecting resources and improving your trusty wagon, things get risky during the night. When the sun sets, bandit critters rally to ambush and attack! You and your feline friends must defend the wagon while ensuring their beacon fire does not die out. If you survive every night and make it to the end of the demo you and your furry companions have to face the bandit king! Clever cooperation is the key to bring down this mighty foe!


Play with everyone!

The real magic of Wild Woods lies in its simplicity and therefore accessibility. Whomever you give the controller, they will intuitively understand the simple but fun controls after a few seconds. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no challenge. Depending on the turns you take on your journey the game can become quite challenging with enemies becoming more powerful or resources becoming more scarce. Luckily you can counter those difficulty spikes by upgrading your waggon and kitties at a safe-camp.

Wild Woods will launch in Steam Early Access later this year. Be sure to wishlist the game to not miss out on future updates. To not miss out on future news on other games from Daedalic Entertainment, we encourage you to follow us on X (formerly Twitter).

About Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment is a renowned publisher supporting indie developers for over 17 years, bringing their titles to every major gaming platform. The line-up of games is comprised of a diverse variety of unique titles, focusing on 4 distinct areas: story-telling, strategy, co-op-games, and wholesome games. With an international team of around 45 employees, Daedalic is currently working with various development studios to create a new line-up of innovative games across consoles and PCs to market. Recent hits include New Cycle, Barotrauma, Unrailed!, Potion Tycoon, Deponia, Shadow Tactics, Inkulinati, Hidden Deep, Fling to the Finish! and more.

In regards to future titles please look out for upcoming games like Reveil, Capes, Woodo, Magin: The Rat Project Stories, Edge of Sanity, Wild Woods, and many more. Since April 2022 Daedalic Entertainment has been a subsidiary of the French publishing house Nacon. Follow Daedalic Entertainment on Steam, so you don’t miss out on future releases: https://store.steampowered.com/developer/daedalic/ 

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