White Shadows Review

Developer: Monokel

Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X (Reviewed)|S 

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Thunderful Publishing, Mixtvision


White Shadows is a puzzle-platformer made by indie developer Monokel. In White Shadows, you assume the role of a Ravengirl (half human and half bird). White Shadows is based; in a dystopian future where society has distinct classes, and you are in the underclass. Ravengirl’s existence is a difficult predicament, and you see the world from her eyes.


White Shadows is just an astonishingly beautiful game; from the first scene to the final scene, the mix of cinematic, monochrome and steampunk is present throughout. It somehow manages to combine all these styles into a super slick game. Superb use of lighting, sound and controller feedback makes the game even more immersive. The first time I felt controller feedback stood out which, doesn’t usually happen. Even with the lack of colour – black and white in various shades, the world; is illustrated in amazing detail. The game would not be out of place as a film. It’s deep and disturbing in parts, the use of sound effects and voices give an extra eerie atmosphere. Visually and presentation-wise, I can’t say a bad word; the world feels superb.


The story does speak about the ills of society, equality, and exploitation just, to name a few themes. It reminds me of Animal Farm in terms of the story, and it echoes throughout the game for me. The themes are ubiquitous and pushed throughout each level. The story and world are dark, and the developers use the environment and light in; such an impressive way. Light helps provide a break in the dark world, and game mechanics revolve around it depending on the scenario. 

The game is a classic platformer and puzzle game where the player, without any hints and suggestions, must figure out how to navigate each section. While the game is technically a 2D platformer, the clever use of environment, level design, sound and controller feedback give an immersive 3D feel to the game. 


When I saw the trailers for the game, I was intrigued by how it would turn out. It did have an eerie and dark atmospheric appearance. The art style is stunning, which is further complemented by using lighting. The developers have managed to merge a fantastic story, great gaming mechanics, fantastic level design and intriguing gameplay into this wonderful. One of my favourite games of the year.

Overall: 9/10

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