What Men Want Review

Starring: Taraji P. Henson, Josh Brener, Kellan Lutz, Chris Witaske, Max Greenfield,

Director: Adam Shankman, Aldis Hodge

Release date: 15th March 2019


Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) is a sports agent in a high profile firm in Atlanta, working in an extremely male-charged atmosphere. After a disappointment at work, she feels like it happened purely because she’s a woman in a man’s world. One of her best friends is getting married soon and so Ali and her 3 best friends go out on a hen night. It’s a very messy night and they end up going to see a psychic, who is quite weird. Ali is given some foul smelling tea to drink and after, the group go to a nightclub. Things get even messier and while on the dancefloor, Ali ends up falling and cracking her head really hard. Waking up in hospital, she is very confused and a bit dazed and she suddenly realises she can actually hear men’s inner thoughts. Needless to say, she thinks she’s going mad, but it’s not long before she tries to use her new found gift to her own advantage…


You might remember another movie, released back in 2000 called ‘What Women Want’, which starred Mel Gibson. This is pretty much just the same idea, flipped. It’s actually kind of quite surprising that it’s taken this long for a woman-centric version to be made.


Taraji P. Henson is perfect in the role of Ali Davis, and she has great comedic timing. The rest of the cast are pretty good too, though it did feel a tiny bit like the story had been done before.. A very enjoyable movie with lots of laugh out loud moments and also some quite cringey bits too, it’s definitely one to go and see with a group of mates on a night out.

Overall: 7.5/10


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