vridniX has Launched on Steam

FRANKFURT – August 16th, 2018 — Publisher Deck13 and developer Uncanaut are proud to announce that vridniX has just been released on Steam.

vridniX is a hectic 2D platformer in which you play a quick moving character who can’t stop running and where you can rotate the levels to solve absurd jumping puzzles. Featuring a selfish brat of a hero, players will face off against over 100 levels and be challenged in some truly unique boss fights. Along the way, experience some seriously bizarre humor and gameplay that’ll make all but the most hardened of players rage quit sooner or later — just to jump back into the action a few minutes later to give it another try!

In development for four years, vridniX has been tweaked and polished throughout the last year leading to twitch perfect controls and super smooth gameplay that’s not only highly addictive but generates salt and motivation at the very same time!

vridniX is available now on Steam for $9.99 with 20% off during its first week

Key Features

  • Never stop running!
  • Make the levels rotate!
  • Survive in 6 strange worlds and over 100 frantic levels!
  • Meet many twisted characters in hilarious cutscenes!
  • Fight epic bosses, but you can’t attack!
  • 8+ hours of gameplay!
  • Destroy everything you love!
  • Face the salt!


About vridniX

Welcome to the epic tale of a selfish brat — vridniX is a ‘hero’ who can’t stop running! He bounces against walls, hangs from the ceiling with his massive tongue, he can do backflips in mid-air and above all… he has the unique ability to rotate levels by picking up special orbs! Unfortunately, by using his ability, vridniX will eventually destroy all the places he passes through. Play as the evil hero — and ragequit in over 100 frantic levels because vridniX is a true challenge.

About Uncanaut

Uncanaut is a two person studio creating weird games for regular people. Located in the beautiful country of France and working in the video game industry for several years, vridniX is their first indie project.

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