vridniX Coming To Steam

Even The Smallest Of Creatures Can Help Save The World In Award-Winning Platformer ‘vridniX’ Coming To STEAM

Whatever You Do, Never Stop Running!

Produced by Uncanaut and published by Meridian4, vridniX is coming to STEAM in the month of May, and features wannabe hero of the same name on a mission to make others worship him in the Neta-Vark! You might be a lazy protagonist, but this won’t stop you from trying to save the world by ultimately destroying it!

vridniX is a frantic platformer with perplexing fun and challenging rotating environments. Bounce against walls, collect rotational orbs, hang on to ceilings using your monstrous tongue, and do backflips midair as you progress on your mission to spin each level to completion. Combining speed with agility, vridniX has a unique personality, and plays host to a collection of colorful characters, such as Venn, Vilbel and Herayin, each with their own perspective on life! Can you complete the epic tale of being a selfish brat?!?



Endless Running Fun! 

100+ Levels and 6 crazy worlds 

7+ hours of gameplay 

Epic Boss Battles 

vridniX will be available on STEAM from here:

Publisher Website

Developer Website

STEAM Community


About M4
Based in Montreal and founded in 2004 by Jeff Giasson, M4 is an indie game publisher that specializes in the digital distribution of mobile and PC games. Serving independent developers aiming to reach a wider audience without compromising their vision, M4’s team of industry veterans works alongside studios such as House On Fire ( The Silent Age ), Zeppelin Studio ( Schein ), and EQ Studios ( The Painscreek Killings ) to deliver modern classics for audiences with a discerning taste. To learn more, please visit https://www.meridian4.com.

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