VR Skater Review

Developer: DEFICIT Games

Platforms: PC, PSVR 2 (Reviewed)

Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports

Publisher: Perp Games

VR Skater is the latest attempt at bringing a delightful game format to VR; if you have ever played Tony Hawk, which epitomizes the fantastic-ness of skating games, VR Skater, while not as arcadey as Tony Hawk’s, is a brilliant addition to the VR game, landscape. I was looking forward to this game when I heard about it and enjoyed my experiences despite the grind of getting used to it.

VR Skater blends a great idea in a well-executed environment with good visuals, a great soundtrack and fantastic sound effects. The original game features seven areas of play, which have an additional 3 in the first expansion (DLC), bringing you ten playable areas. While not totally open, the areas give the player enough room to do tricks, grind, and build up speed for those high-octane tricks. The game emphasizes form and technique, and while the gameplay is challenging, it uses VR controllers well to help you land tricks and propel yourself.


VR games can have quite the learning curve, and as this is a skater simulation, you will be frustrated, but as you persist through the game and tutorials, you will eventually get to a point where you can land those tricks; the tricks and grinds require precision for them to be landed. There is an excellent accomplishment as you beat high scores and land the new tricks flawlessly. As there is extensive use of the VR controllers, I played the game standing up, and I recommend this. This game will make you sweat, too, as it’s far from passive.


I didn’t experience any game-breaking bugs; I had the game have an odd glitch, but in general, the gameplay was solid, and I enjoyed it. I didn’t feel any motion sickness, which is a massive plus, as it’s hard to have a VR game with so much quick-paced action and not suffer motion sickness.


VR Skater is an excellent VR game that really mixes a great concept of bringing a skater game to PSVR 2. While it isn’t the arcade skater game of the likes of Tony Hawk, this simulation is superb, with a fantastic soundtrack and great gameplay. The learning curve is steep and frustrating, but you get a great sense of achievement as you eventually land those tricks and get a high score. This is one of my favourite VR experiences, and you will build up a sweat while playing. It’s a high-paced and fun game that will challenge you, a superb addition to the PS VR lineup. The developers have developed significant DLC to help extend the skating experiences with new maps and gameplay modes.

Overall: 8.5/10

The latest VRSkater SL Pro Series Tour DLC contains even more areas and play, which include 5 street skate parks (in both directions), nine new decks, two new modes of gameplay, and four new PSN trophies.

The VRSkater SL Pro Series Tour DLC will be released on 15th January 2024, with an SRP of £9.99/ €14.99/ $14.99.

You will need the original VR Skater game installed to play the SL Pro Series Tour DLC.

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