VR Skater kickflips out of early access

Deficit & Perp Games are stoked to release VR Skater 1.0 on PC.  And we are all also very pleased to announce that everyone who has purchased VR Skater in Early Access will be upgraded to the Pro Bundle Free of charge. The Pro bundle includes the main game, VR Skater, as well as the ‘SL Pro Series Tour DLC’.

The VR Skater series is designed from ground up for VR to give you the most authentic, challenging and immersive skating game ever and  VR Skater will come out of Early Access with a whole host of new improvements:

Steam Achievements

Customize your set-up at the Skate Shop

Perform grabs and finger tricks

‘Teleport’ to line up your perfect trick

Progression System (Medals, Trophies & XP)

Dynamic wear on your boards (the more you skate, the more your board degrades)

7 Maps & 5 Modes!

Pick up your board and throw it in anger (a MUST try)

The NEW SL Pro Series Tour DLC  puts you right into the middle of pro street league-inspired parks, collecting ‘V-R-S-K-A-T-E-R’ and crushing high scores in true arcade skateboarding fashion.


Digital SRP:

·       VR Skater £29.99/$34.99/34.99€

·       SL Pro Series Tour DLC   £9.99/ $15.99/15.99€

·       VR Skater Pro Bundle £34.78/$44.35/44.,35€


VR Skater is available on Steam:

So grab your board (Headset) and let’s Skate!  – VR Skater on Steam (steampowered.com)



Website: DEFICIT Games

Twitter – DEFICIT Games (@DEFICIT_Games) / Twitter

Perp Games Website – www.perpgames.com

Perp Games Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/perpgames

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