Voyage Review

Developer: Venturous

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X |S 

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Ratalaika Games


Voyage is a cinematic adventure game developed by Venturous and published by Ratalaika Games. This review was done; playing on the PC. Voyage will be coming out for consoles on August 12th. From the many games that I have played, I have never come across a game like this one. 

Voyage can be played cooperatively or by yourself. You start in a dimmed place with water on the ground and broken statues behind you. There are two characters on the screen, one with pink hair and the other with white hair. When playing single player, you have the opportunity to switch between the characters(in the single player mode, the AI assists you with the other character); the characters support each other by pushing large objects into place; or by giving them a boost up a ledge. You interact with your surroundings through a whimsical world, making your way to end your journey.


The controls for this game are very simple, and I love the keyboard pop-up at the start of the game. As you go to press the buttons, they highlight on the in-game keyboard to help you get used to the controls. The game does not bombard you with controls either; it has four base controls alongside the directional keys. 

The art style of this game is fantastic and is so pleasing to look at. The game looks like a 3D game. Voyage is a 2D side-scrolling game and does such a great job captivating the player to enjoy a peaceful and calm environment. It is interesting to see the way; the background and different locations have been styled, giving a magical, enchanted feeling. 


The style of the game looks like it belongs in a cartoon tv show that you watch and instantly fall in love with, reminds me of a show called Steven Universe. In addition to the background, the way the layering; is done to create the various areas you come across is done seamlessly. For example, in the forest, there is a treetop layer at the front and fog at the back with layers built over each other to create such great detail. The little dragonflies, fireflies, buffalos, and just the simplicity of how they are designed and added to this game are wonderful.

Everything about this game is so calm and relaxing, and the distinct sound effects and music make everything so much better. The background music has some similarities to Studio Ghibli music which creates a tranquil, mystical atmosphere. Walking over water even makes the most subtle peaceful sound. The visuals and sound effects complement one another.


I enjoyed this game so much, as it was something to sit back and wind down to. There are so many various aspects of this game that I loved. My personal favourite part would have to be the boat ride, as you watch the characters ride a boat and just admire their surroundings.

This game is, in many ways, soothing and has outdone itself with all of the art components. Soothing has outdone itself with all of the art components. There are even additions of simple puzzles where you need to be aware of your surroundings and even intriguing lore. I do wish the game was a bit longer, though. On top of that, I found the hug feature to be; a very cute touch; a game truly, like no other! If you want a game where you can sit back and enjoy a subtle little side-scrolling game, beating it either by yourself or with a friend, Voyage is the game to check out. The game has spectacular visuals which captivate the player into a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere!

Overall: 9/10

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