Unstoppable Review

Developer: Funnylocks Corp

Platforms: PC (Reviewed)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Survival

Publisher: Funnylocks Corp


Unstoppable is an isometric survival horror game where you must battle through a building full of infected as you try to escape the horde to safety.

The game is full of intrigue and cut with full motion videos to help develop the backstory as you battle through the many nasties you meet. A mysterious gas has been released, which seems to leave humans turning into crazed killers, which you must fight off to escape.


The game’s creepy, sinister quality, isometric view, and art style help give this game a unique survival horror feel. The main characters and enemies look good, and the levels, too. The game shows that something has happened with the blood-strewn levels to help build suspense and tension.

The gameplay consists of picking a limited amount of weapons and ammo and trying to battle through each chapter; at the end, you will face a unique boss who will provide a more formidable challenge to the regular infected you meet. Before proceeding further into the game, you must handle each unique enemy. The game combines using your stamina to dodge and avoid attacks and using your surroundings to avoid enemies. As you progress, you will gain access to more weapons as you progress through the game. There is an emphasis on using your resources well, as they are finite. The combat and game mechanics are straightforward and require little practice; it’s somewhat basic in parts, making the game more accessible to pick up and play. The use of gore and blood adds to the horror survivor sensibilities of the game.


The chapters in the game provide a logical break to each level and help introduce new environments, enemies and weapons. Full-motion videos are well-acted and help break the game, give some gameplay diversity, and help build a story with intrigue and mystery.


I liked the look and feel of the game; the isometric view is a real throwback to a genre of early PC games I haven’t seen in a while. The physics and gameplay are good. I liked playing something different; however, I found the pace of the game a bit slow, but that is more to crank the horror survivor elements of the game. A good isometric horror survival game.

Overall: 6.5/10

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