Unravel Two Review

Developer: Coldwood Interactive

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed), PC

Genre: Puzzle platformer

Published by: Electronic Arts


Unravel Two is a sequel game of Unravel that was released in 2016. Its a puzzle platformer adventure game. Similar games to Unravel Two would be Rayman Legends, Ori and The Blind Beast, World of Goo, and Little Big Planet.

Unravel Two allows both single player and multiplayer options. You play as this living magical yarn ball (who’s called a Yarny) and uses its own yarn to hook, swing, pull, make bridges and much more to get past the puzzle solving levels. In Unravel Two there are two Yarnys that are joined together from one loose thread. In Unravel Two, you can play by yourself with both the Yarnys or have a friend play the other one. The default Yarnys are set to red and blue, but you are able to personalize them from the menu.


In earlier levels, the player is provided with a spark that guides the player through the puzzles. Many puzzles within the game included making knots, swinging off of each other, making bridges or sometimes even becoming one Yarny. You also get to wall jump, wall slide and swim in the environment. Make sure to avoid the shadow like creatures.

There are many controls to Unravel Two but before you start chapter II, there is a whole tutorial chapter that shows you the controls needed throughout the game. The controls include buttons like a jump, swing, knot tying, carrying one another (becoming one Yarny), as well as passing through objects. The controls of the game aren’t very hard to learn but the main focus of the game is getting through each puzzle.

The art style of this game is fantastic! It looks almost life like, and makes the player feel like they are within that world. Taking a look at the art, the developers had a meticulous eye for detail. From the puddle of rain on the ground to the vent systems it all makes the game feel and look so real.


The music also adds a very nice a soothing touch to the game. Selection of the music in the background is very pleasing as it’s not over powering the game or just making it feel bland or plain. The selection of music definitely suits the game.

There are seven levels in the game where you explore the journey of two young teenagers that get caught in some trouble. It shows a faded story (faded as in hard to see clearly) of the teenagers which symbolizes friendship. More like the ties of friendship.


Unravel Two is a enjoyable game. It’s a local co-op game that has very fun elements to the game. A great puzzle solving game with some amazing art. If you wanna play game that challenges your mind then Unravel Two is the game for you. A fun adventure game where you figure out the meaning of friendship. Yarny started off at a ship, which lead to a shipwreck. The shipwreck lead him to land where he became friends with another Yarny.

Unravel Two isn’t a hard game, but is a game that is fun to play. So grab a controller, or two and start your adventure as a Yarny. Go to the depths of the Scandinavian environment and reach the end. Go check out Unravel Two!

Overall: 9/10


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