Undying Now Launching December 7th

San Francisco – December 7, 2023 — Unveil the ultimate tale of love and survival as Skystone Games and Vanimals proudly announce the full release of “UNDYING,” available now on PC via Steam and Epic Game Store. The game’s immersive narrative centers around the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son, offering players an emotional and challenging journey. Console versions are also expected in early 2024. More news on those releases to come!

“UNDYING” intricately weaves a gripping narrative, immersing players in the heart-wrenching story of Anling and Cody as they navigate the relentless tide of the undead. The unshakeable connection between mother and son takes center stage in a race against time, battling hordes, scavenging for supplies, and crafting essential tools for escape. Their journey unfolds as a poignant testament to the enduring strength of family.
The world of “UNDYING” is ready for exploration and survival. Available on Steam and Epic Game Store, this adventure promises to challenge your wits, strategy, and emotional resilience. Rise to the challenge and face the UNDYING on December 7th!
But, you might be asking, what all has been added to UNDYING since it first landed in Early Access? Take a look at all that awaits you…
Survival Gameplay:

  • Zombie Hordes: Face relentless waves of undead, testing your survival skills.
  • Toxic Fog: Navigate through toxic fog for an added layer of danger, requiring strategic planning and resourcefulness.
  • Bitter Cold Rain: Nature itself becomes your adversary, making survival even more challenging.
  • Resource Gathering: Scour the apocalyptic landscape for essential resources to craft and survive.
    Beefed Up Combat:
  • Stealth Combat: Engage in stealthy takedowns to avoid attracting undead attention.
  • Dagger Self-defense: Equip a trusty dagger for close encounters, a last line of defense.
  • Weapon Enhancement: Customize weapons to enhance your odds of survival.
  • The Boy’s Battle: Cody takes an active role, evolving as you face relentless hordes.
  • Ranged Weapons: Rain down destruction from afar with various ranged weapons.
  • Melee Weapons: Engage in intense, visceral combat with an array of melee weapons.
    Mother and Son Features:
  • Cody’s Extensive Skill Tree: Witness Cody’s growth through a comprehensive skill tree.
  • Anling’s Temporary Ailments: Manage Anling’s temporary ailments, affecting the journey’s outcome.
  • Choosing Anling’s Fate: Decide Anling’s fate as she navigates a harrowing path.
  • Caring for Ailing Cody: Deepen the emotional connection as you care for Cody during vulnerable moments.
  • Companionship on the Couch: Strengthen the bond between mother and son with heartwarming interactions.

And for the lighthearted in the bleak world…

  • Cody’s Explorable Spaces: Uncover hidden surprises and secrets in Cody’s imaginative spaces.
  • “Face Up Face Down” Card Game: Challenge yourself with the intriguing card game for moments of respite and decision-making.
  • Arcade Games: Dive into classic arcade games, a delightful distraction from the relentless apocalypse.
  • Character Costumes: Personalize characters with a range of costumes to add flair to the grim world.
  • Exploration on the World Map: Expand horizons with a world map, revealing new opportunities and dangers.
  • Mini Dungeons and Events: Embark on side quests, uncover mini-dungeons, and participate in special events for added depth and replayability.

Stay connected with “UNDYING” on our social media channels:

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About Vanimals:
Vanimals, founded in 2017 by industry veterans with years of experience, is known for its award-winning action VR title Eternity Warriors VR. The team is setting its sights on the mainstream PC and console markets with the emotional survival game “UNDYING.”
About Skystone Games:
Skystone Games aims to be a leader in video game publishing, uncovering rich new experiences worldwide. Founded by industry veterans David Brevik and Bill Wang, Skystone Games actively seeks partnerships for innovative projects. More information can be found at Skystone Games.

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