Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Review

Developer: Naughty Dog, Iron Galaxy Studios

Platform: PS5

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment


Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is the updated version of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. These updated versions of the games are; remastered for PS5. The focus of these remasters are on performance and graphic resolution. Both games support a fidelity mode that supports 4K at 30 fps, a performance mode that targets 60fps and a performance plus mode that offers 120 fps but at 1080p. To be honest, the graphical modes are the biggest noticeable updates to the games for me, but the games are fantastic to play too.

PS5 SSD loading times are superb and make the gaming experience even more immersive; quicker load times and less wait time is more noticeable on PS5. This feature gives the game a fantastic performance boost and is more playable. The haptic feedback is used to warn of danger, any sudden impacts and during puzzles too. As a warning system, it allows the player to adjust to changes in the environment in real-time. Puzzles in the game are enhanced, and an extra level of satisfaction is gained; through the haptic feedback.


The Uncharted series of games is all about an amazing, thrilling journey. Naughty Dog/Iron Galaxy Studios has updated the game to make the most of the PS5: 3D audio, haptic feedback and updated fantastic visuals. 


Uncharted is a brilliant third-person action game; the gameplay and gameplay mechanics are superb; every gameplay mechanic fits into the game perfectly. Each mechanic plays a role in giving a vivid experience to the gamer. The game is a mix of parkour and exploration while traversing amazing jungles and ruins. The action elements of the game are mixed up by the numerous; puzzles and platforming elements. A beautiful and intriguing story provides context to the characters and what’s going on; the story has twists and turns that intertwine with gameplay too. Naughty Dog did a superb job of combining a fantastic narrative and game.


Uncharted is more of a directed adventure as opposed to an open-world adventure. The world is designed in a way where the world does almost feel like an open-world adventure through the sheer scale of the levels. The game does give off this huge world feel through the environments and levels; the varying environments and the weather help to give a different feel to each level. All of this helps to game to feel fresh throughout. Graphically everything looks superb, from the characters to the terrain to the weather effects to the jungles and ruins. Uncharted is just an amazing game.


There is little to be said about the Uncharted franchise that hasn’t been said before, but if I was pushed to say something, it would be: Uncharted is a fantastic game that takes the player on a wonderful journey through amazing landscapes with a stellar story that underpins the game. The graphics, gameplay, environments, cinematics, sound, and direction are stunning. You are assuming the role(s) of the explorer throughout an amazing journey that has its highs and lows mixed in with some breathtaking moments. The addition of the graphical modes allows you to play 4k natively or up to 120 fps to suit anyone’s taste. It’s a must-play game, just excellent game making from start to finish. The game RRP is $49.99/€49.99.

Overall: 9/10

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