Two Point Hospital Review

Developer: Two Point Studios

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Switch, Xbox One

Genre: Simulation

Publisher: SEGA
First of all, I’d like to thank this website ComicBuzz for giving me the opportunity of playing one of my childhood favourite games ever Theme Hospital. Two Point Hospital (or for me Theme Hospital 2.0) is a game where you build up a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful – or functional – healthcare operation in the whole of Two Point County, it has its origins back to 1997 as it’s a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital developed by Bullfrog Productions.

The game starts with a non-optional tutorial (that is very complete and informative), the game is based on a 3 stars rating system, in which you unlock different regions after accomplishing the goals on each level/region, so if you accomplish certain goals you get a star, a 3-star rating being the maximum stars you can get. For every hospital foundation, you can give it any name that you want if you’re not happy with the default name. The game’s menu is very simple and easy to go through to find whatever you are looking for. Every time you conquer a star you unlock more stuff (e.g. every star you receive for your hospital it unlocks a specific item, but if you restart the level and get the same star again you won’t receive a new item… I tried). I was going to write a small complaint about the game with the way items are controlled, I was going to do an item control sum-up showing that I don’t have to press x and select pick up to move an object all I have to do is hold x and it will pick up the item.


The game diseases are the high point of this game. They go from people thinking that they are Freddie Mercury to people who think that they are clowns, every treatment room has at least two very detailed animations for each disease.

When playing the game, you have to be very aware of your employees, for example; staffroom, food, drinks, payment, training, promotion, etc. Whilst on this subject the rooms have a lot of customization, I mean… there are way too many items to unlock (that’s not a complain) and that goes from the number of staff you want working in each room (for example at the fractured ward I suggest at least two staff there) to the decoration and objects that actually can help the room by improving diagnoses or treatment. If you are getting short on money always keep in mind that you can borrow some but keep your both eyes on these loans… they can be your end.

The hospital’s organization only depends on you, I like to do areas based on the types of diseases’ treatment… it gives me a clear view of the hospital and helps me to keep an eye on everything. There is always something to do… water plants… empty bins… repair expensive machinery… the list goes on you’ll see. Btw! Check your machines like all the time and if they catch on fire you have to buy a new fire-extinguisher and also… Some natural disasters may happen… and that leaves broken machinery.

The game’s graphic design is very similar to the 1997 game, a bold move… but it worked perfectly because it gives you a great and warm nostalgic feeling. The game could have invested more on cinematics.


Here I just want to give you some tips before even start playing, those tips will help you to avoid some not necessary disappointment. The tips are;
1- Changing the location of the rooms is free so don’t worry too much about logistics at the early game (but remember, if you move a room every activity that was happening there stops immediately).
2- Pay attention to the queues because they inflict directly on your revenue.
3- Invest in your hospital attractiveness by spreading posters, plants, etc.
4- Training staff is necessary to elevate their potential and to increase the cure rate and your hospital value.
5- When everything looks chaotic (and it will happen), keep calm and try to fix it, the game is not trying to make you fail it is only giving you challenges to explore the complete experience that the game developed for you, but pay attention to your hospital or you will fail.
6- Keep it simple in the early game, remember that you can change the locations of the rooms for free.
7- If you get a challenge like build a level 5 room you can just build it, complete the task, get your reward and then sell the room with zero money loss.
8- An awesome tip that I have for you guys is to specify your staff’s assignment, that way you can manage your employees easily.
9- Careful with the prices… if you get them too high your reputation will fall fast and vice versa if you reduce your prices.
10- The kudosh coin is for you to unlock items.
11- Try to always build level 5 rooms and it’s not a bad idea to throw a coffee maker in each room… just saying.
12- Remember to control the temperature of the hospital by installing radiators or air conditioners all over the hospital buildings.

The radio keeps playing music and from time to time some local news will give you an overview of what is going on in your region, keep your ear tuned because de commercials are very funny (not like Vice City funny but good enough), also pay attention to the receptionist’s voice, she tells you everything that is going on at your hospital for example; who is needed in which room, alert for ghosts or fire, etc (oh! and some jokes too hahaha). A weird thing is that the game’s audio options only involve English and German… what’s that all about? The music that the radio plays constantly is perfect for the genre of simulation and it also has a pinch of nostalgia.


I wanna start by talking about the Healthcare Award Ceremony it is awesome! Nice touch guys! Now for the game, for me the hardest thing to do was to manage my staffs, this training thing is really hard to keep up and if you don’t… it will be impossible to get the third start… simple like that… I personally miss the cinematics that they had in Theme Hospital when you finish all the goals in a hospital and you are moving to the next goal or when you went bankrupt, they showed you a short cinematic with something funny on it. Now just a short comparison to the diseases with the older version of the game (Theme Hospital) they are very similar but not, all the same, I think that the creativity kept the same level.

Something that I learned was that if you have the money to expand your hospital. Do it and also that the first levels are easy to get 3 stars. But from trouble in tumble on… you really need to administrate everything very carefully on your hospital.

This game gets you hooked very easily but it can get a bit frustrating when your hospital’s value starts to decrease. For a simulation game, it shouldn’t be That hard to get all the 3 stars… but you know… that’s just my opinion.

Overall: 7.8/10

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