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Apogee’s Lightning-Fast FPS “Turbo Overkill” Exits Early Access, Upgrades to 1.0 on PC

“The Final Episode, Part 2” concludes the 3-part epic, “Episode Zero” prequel comic by Scott Faye coming in September

NEW ZEALAND — August 11, 2023 — Turbo Overkill, the critically acclaimed hyper-fast-paced cyberpunk boomer shooter with more than 172,000 wishlists and nearly 2,000 “overwhelmingly positive” Steam reviews from publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Trigger Happy Interactive, launches the full-blown 1.0 experience on Steam and GOG today for $24.99 with a special 15% launch discount until August 18th, 2023.

Rev up that chainsaw leg and experience Apogee Entertainment’s newest cyberpunk FPS franchise, and their most over-the-top first person shooter ever. Drawing inspiration from every FPS subgenre, including classic boomer shooters (such as Apogee’s own Duke Nukem 3D) combined with eSports-esque modern mechanics, Turbo Overkill offers an action-packed retro-meets-cutting-edge love letter to fast-paced gunplay from every era.

Enter the neon-lit hellscape known as Paradise, a city under siege at the hands of Syn, a ruthless artificial intelligence hivemind and its army of brainwashed minions. Blast and chainsaw a path towards redemption as half-man half-machine antihero Johnny Turbo, and embark on a hyper-fast race to collect the bounty on Syn’s virtual head before other hunters get there first.

The Final Episode, Part 2 cranks up the blood-soaked intensity with the conclusion of Turbo Overkill. Commandeer hovercrafts and mechs, and hop aboard spaceships across three final levels with reflex-testing boss battles. Bounty hunt solo or with a friend in lobby code co-op multiplayer as the quest to clean up corruption evolves into a world-saving cosmic escapade, or Rebuild Paradise from the ground up with the included custom level editor and full mod support through Steam Workshop.

Run and gun while racking up killstreak multipliers while using every weapon in Johnny’s arsenal, including akimbo pistols, machine guns, deadly chainsaw limbs, and more. Speed up weapon switching and reload times with the new Weapons Expert augment, and double the carnage with a second chainsaw leg. Rain down bullets from above with the added triple jump abilities, and fast-travel to far locations in a flash with Syntech portals.

Locate hidden datalogs hidden throughout Paradise to discover lore and catch a glimpse of the forsaken city before its hostile AI takeover. Dive deep into Johnny’s origins to witness the backstory of the man underneath the machinery in the upcoming Turbo Overkill “Episode Zero” comic by renowned comic book figureheads Scott Faye (Max Payne, Venom) featuring cover art by Dave Johnson (Deadpool, Invincible).

Crank up the pulse-pounding cyberpunk-orchestral fusion sounds of Paradise with Turbo Overkill’s 73-track, 3+ hour Soundtrack Selections album by esteemed composers Tim Stoney (Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi, Assassins Creed: Origins), Nikola Jeremic (Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2), and Chipper Hammond (Disney Shanghai Parade), produced by Apogee’s Executive Producer Jeron Moore (Prey (2006), The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions). Now available on all major music platforms from Apogee Music in partnership with video game music label Materia Collective.

“We’re so grateful for the support we’ve gotten from Turbo fans old and new as we’ve gone through this journey from Early Access to 1.0 launch,” said Sam Prebble, lead developer. “1.0 is a huge milestone, but it is also a new beginning. We can’t wait to see what worlds modders can create on top of Turbo’s existing framework, and this is far from the end for Johnny. Stay tuned for more in the near future!”

Turbo Overkill is now available via Steam for PC and GOG for $19.99 with language options in English, Spanish (LATAM), German, French, Russian, Turkish, and Simplified Chinese. Clean up Paradise on Twitter by following @turbo_overkill and @Apogee_Ent, subscribe to the Apogee Entertainment YouTube channel, and join the Discord servers of both Trigger Happy Interactive and Apogee Entertainment.

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