Trust No One Review

Developer: Triomatica Games

Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Steam Deck, Windows (Reviewed)

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Triomatica Games


Trust No One is a point-and-click detective adventure. This game was developed and published by Triomatica Games, a Ukrainian studio. There are many other games that play in a similar style to this point-and-click game, but a few distinct mechanics make this game a lot more interesting than you would believe. This review was done on the PC, but the game is also available for the Apple Store and Play Store. 

Trust No One is a single-player game where you play as a journalist who has received an anonymous letter through the post. This letter leaves an encrypting message where they ask the player to meet them up to share the secrets they hold about an AI company. It is up to you to pay close attention to these clues and carry out the objective the mysterious sender has sent you. 


The controls to Trust No One are fairly simple; after all, it is a point-and-click game. The controls work very smoothly, and the game itself runs without any lag or delay. The visuals of the game seem to have a hand-drawn yet digital look to them. They are still pictures that have a decent amount of detail and highlight the key areas of interactions. The dynamic lighting for this game really creates an eerie atmosphere, which goes well with the detective theme. The music for this game was mainly just one really dulled-down synth type of instrument, which carried out an eerie vibe till the end of the game. With little sound effects for interaction, this also made the game a bit more atmospheric. The game has a simple design to it but works quite effectively. 


For the price of this game, I would 100% recommend this game because it is a good mix of an in-game point-and-click adventure with a mix of AR mechanics. The game is short, but the main issue is that when you’re stuck, it is hard to move forward, especially because the taxi can bring you to over 200 locations. If certain clues do not make sense, you can trudge your way through various locations, hoping you will make it to the right one, but it is better to put logic and thought into the game. Besides the notes given to you, there are no other clues that can help you if you are stuck on certain puzzles for quite some time. I do wish there was some type of hint cooldown after a certain time, which could refrain players from searching up a walkthrough. Besides this, the puzzles made good sense, and with good logic, you can use Google to find the answer to progress forward.


By far, my favourite part about this game would have to be the email interaction that you do to get codes. Without giving away too much, this was such a fun way to make it seem as if you are truly hacking into someone’s computer or carrying out tasks that have been instructed to you by an anonymous tip. This was the most enjoyable puzzle throughout the game.

Overall, the game was really fun. At times, it could be a bit frustrating how to solve certain puzzles, but it eventually pieces together. The game has two different endings, which show a single picture screen that does not really differ much, but it’s a great way to complete all the achievements on Steam. 


Trust No One is a well-thought-out point-and-click detective game that features enjoyable puzzles and really makes you think out of the box. I highly recommend that you check out Trust No One; as for its price, the game is good in both quality and length! 

Overall: 9/10

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