Tokyo Dark – Launch Trailer

Tokyo Dark – Launch Trailer

With the aim of bringing a darker edge to the point-and-click genre, Tokyo Dark’s psychological thriller has been turning heads ever since it smashed through its Kickstarter goal with ease back in May 2015. Now, Square Enix Collective is proud to announce Tokyo Dark is available on Steam for PC.

Set on the streets of Japan’s capital, Tokyo Dark players take on the role of Detective Ayami Itō as she explores the city on the hunt for her missing partner. By following leads and collecting clues, Itō is forced to make decisions that change the outcome of the game and also her relationships with those who inhabit the city around her.

“We wanted players to experience conflict when taking on Itō’s story,” reveals Maho Williams, Producer at Cherrymochi. “As play progresses, Itō finds herself calling into question whether she’s minutes away from solving the puzzles, or minutes away from madness. The key question is, have they unearthed the dark shadows hidden beneath Tokyo’s streets, or is it all in their head?”

Influenced by games like The Cat Lady and Never Ending Nightmares, Tokyo Dark’s anime style opens up an immersive 2D world where the player is focused on finding the truth without losing their mind in the process.

Tokyo Dark 2

Dialogue choices throughout steer the story in different directions, changing Itō’s interactions with key characters and altering the game’s conclusion. Puzzles can also be solved in multiple ways, ensuring players can find their own path as they play.

“We think Tokyo Dark has the potential to energise the horror genre, with Cherrymochi’s take on point-and-click a whole lot darker than the kind of titles you see from most developers,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix. “That’s ultimately what Square Enix Collective is about: giving gamers fresh takes on genres they love.”

Tokyo Dark is currently available on Steam for PC.




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