Tiny Football Preview

Developer: Martyn Bissett

Platform: PC

Genre: Sports

Publisher: MicroProse Software


The world cup may be wrapped, but Tiny Football has the spirit of the beautiful game at its heart. Tiny Football is a throwback to old-school top-down football games from the ’90s. The pixelated goodness of that era is also back in full force. This; is an early-access game which is available to buy and is being patched all the time; that being said, the overall game is solid and has lots of fun but let’s delve a bit deeper.

The game is a football, with two teams on a pitch with a referee, some assistants and an audience; the vintage pixel graphics set the scene. The gameplay uses one button, the d-pad (analogue stick or keyboard), and the one button allows you to determine the power of your pass, cross or shot.


It’s simple and beautiful; the beautiful game in this stripped-back version is a real break from modern games. Some things that stick out from the original retro football games are the power bar and offside. The gameplay is solid and easy to get to grips with; this one button for the pass, shoot and cross is great.

There are a ton of modes, from simple friendly to the league championship cups like the world cup and European cup, too so; you can play a format that is as long as you desire.


The players have a very similar name to; real players, and you can play a variety of international teams and club teams from a choice of leagues around the world. I also love that you can just play a game of penalties! There is an editor mode where you can edit and club strips and player names too. There is a local two-player but no online play, which would be nice to have. The only gripe I had is when I got a player sent off, I couldn’t swap a player in my on-field team to the position vacated by the sent-off player.

The gameplay is a real throwback; the game focuses on the gameplay. It’s; great and does remind me of what fun football games are!







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