Thumper Review

Developer: Drool

Platforms: PlayStation VR 2 (Reviewed)/PS4/PS5

Genre: Music/Rhythm, Action, Adventure

Publisher: Drool


Thumper is an oddly satisfying rhythmic journey through a strange world enhanced by VR. It’s odd, fun, and trippy.

I don’t know what genre of game you would classify Thumper; music rhythmic game fits best. It’s a dark, wonderful world where you are a ship-shaped insect gliding along a track in space, and this rich deep soundtrack guides you to the boss. You have to hit the beat on time and stay on track to make it through levels to the boss.


The world is dark and black, with occasional pockets of light and colour lighting up the screen as you hit the beat. The HDR experience, excellent graphics, simple gameplay, and incredible ambient, somewhat dark soundtrack make this game a thrilling experience. I love the straightforward nature and fast-paced gameplay. The dark and evil undertones and massive bosses illuminate the world.


The PSVR2 makes sense with the game and enhances the visual, sound, and general immersive feel. I experienced no motion sickness, and the tracking was excellent.

It’s a brilliant solid VR experience. 

Overall: 8.5/10

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