The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge Review

Directed By: Jared Cohn

Starring: William Shatner, Lea Hutton Beasmore, Jason Brooks

Running Time: 1hr 38mins

Format: DVD

Genre: Action/Adventure/Horror

Licensed By: 4Digital Media

Release Date: 14th September 2020
For generations, one family has been trying to locate a mysterious relic that has been said to have cursed this family. Now John Brock, has been using his career as an archaeologist to carry on the search for this relic by his fathers’ request. Now down on his luck and using every bit of time he has, John risks everything on one last expedition. Down in the secluded caves of Kentucky, John witnesses demonic visions, a brutal murder and a glimpse of the cursed relic. Forced by the power of these nightmarish visions and his father’s obsession, John travels down into the caves once more – with his family in tow!

‘The Tomb: Devils Revenge’ carries with it the tagline of ‘Welcome To Hell’. None of which sounded very original and left me with no surprise that this was a direct to DVD release, as it would stand zero chance of doing well in the cinema. The only interest I had in this title was the fact it starred three established Star Trek actors, in William Shatner (Star Trek: The Original Series), Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager, Picard) and Jason Brooks who appeared in the 2009 Star Trek film. The first two actors gave a stellar performance, with Shatner acting as the aged father who was unsuccessful in his time searching for the cursed relic. He gave a grand portrayal of a father that was harsh and disappointed in his only son, but who also seemed to be battling against his own mental health as he seemed to be displaying moments of alzheimers. Jeri’s performance of Johns’ wife was also noteworthy and realistic in behavior. Unfortunately I couldn’t say that for Jason’ portrayal of the lead character John. Perhaps it could have just been the script, but there were moments where I thought he could have performed better in certain scenes as it made it all the more unbelievable.


The entire plot to this film had potential, however after the first half hour it went downhill fast! The monster designs were original and impressive to begin with, the chase scene near the end of the film as John is trying to exit the cave – simply had just one bad guy chasing after him, neither of them were very fast. To me it lacked in terror, compared to the earlier scenes of people being murdered. At the end of the day, if just a handful of scenes were just reshot and a new editor was brought on board – this film would be worth not only adding to your collection but also would be easily recommended to friends. Whereas at the moment, it left me with more questions than answers.

If you enjoy your B-Movies and are indeed a devoted fan of William Shatner – then by all means pick up this film. ‘The Tomb: Devils Revenge’, will be available to both buy digitally and on DVD from the 14th September, from 4Digital Media Ltd.

Overall: 5/10


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