The Thin Silence – Announcement Trailer

The Thin Silence – A Narrative Adventure of Exploration, Depression, and Hope Coming to PC and Mac this April 27th


(March 29, 2018) – Two PM Studios, with Nkidu Games Inc., is excited to announce the studio’s first major title, The Thin Silence. Coming to PC and Mac on April 27th, 2018, The Thin Silence is a narrative adventure game told through the introspection and recollection of Ezra Westmark, the game’s disgraced protagonist. Inspired by games such as Limbo and Knytt Stories, follow the journey of Ezra from his self-imposed exile through to his own forgiveness and hope for a better tomorrow. Find creative ways to make your way out of the darkness while uncovering the journey that lead you there, and holding onto the hope that leads you home.


Explore with Ezra, coming across interesting usable items, combining them with other items to make new and useful tools, and employ them to navigate the platforms and puzzles of Ezra’s world. Amongst the darkness, the game features that sound, that thin silence, which calls to us in our darkest hours. That sound we can’t hear or describe which somehow gives us the strength to try again and push through obstacles previously insurmountable. 


  • Enjoy 5 hours of unique and varied challenges driven by a fresh item-vs-environment interaction mechanic.
  • Experience breathtaking vistas and quiet contemplation.
  • Featuring a moving original score by LightFrequency.
  • Over 40 unique in-game documents.
  • Mostly believable hacking sequences.

The Thin Silence will be available on Steam, Itch, and Humble in Early Access for Windows PC and Mac OSX on April 27, 2018.


  • Wishlist on Steam
  • Coming soon to and the Humble Store
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