The Theory

Much like TPub ComicsUK #1 Best Selling Series Twisted Dark, The Theory continues their tradition of strong stories that grab the reader’s attention instantly, whilst also delivering an unexpected twist. This latest creation from Neil Gibson revolves around a prisoner from what seems to be from an intergalactic prison, one that is focussed on rehabilitation of convicts, with strict repercussions for minor emotional instability. There is a very unexpected twist at the end of what I have read, certainly one that I look forward to seeing being fleshed out in the future.

The artwork used is striking, highlighting the futuristic theme. So far, there is very little human contact amongst the prisoners and the outside world. Robots are used to deliver mail, food and escort prisoners back to their cells. The design of the main character looks human, but with a few wolf-like features. There was only one other character from a separate species featured in the sneak peek I got of this first issue. Both the script and artwork work very well together and it is no surprise the talented crew at TPub are now working on a Lucky Man comic series alongside Stan Lee.

TPub Comics is amongst the UK’s leading comic book publishers. Their mission is to get more people reading and to both teach them and help them get into creating their own comics. Passionate about their goal, they lecture at schools and Universities, and even run an online course in order to help likeminded individuals to break into the comic book industry. Best known for their Twisted Dark series, TPub Comics make a variety of comics for both the book market and corporations. Free samples of their work and comics can be found on their website: They also attend comic conventions throughout the world, including Ireland. I met them at the 2017 MCM Ireland Comic Con and they quickly became famous for grabbing the attention of passers-by with their challenge! Read just one chapter from one of their books, and if you like it, then read chapter two. If you love chapter two and want more, then you must buy the book. I have failed at this challenge already and am soon to buy even more from them!

You can look forward to their new series, The Theory, hitting comic book stores later this year.

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