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The Thaumaturge – 11 Facts Trailer

The Thaumaturge, the spooky, story-driven RPG from Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studios is coming to PC March 4th. Experience morally ambiguous choices as you explore early 20th-century Warsaw as Wiktor, the titular thaumaturge. Utilize the powers of Salutors, esoteric beings detectable only by those skilled in thaumaturgy, to overcome a variety of challenges along the way.

The complexities of 1905 Warsaw are many, but brushing up your knowledge before the game launches could be helpful! Check out 11 facts about The Thaumaturge!


  • Shape your story – as a full-fledged RPG, it allows you to alternate your choices and make you deal with the aftermath.
  • Develop your character – creating your own version of the thaumaturge will allow you to approach situations in different ways.
  • Experience unique turn-based combat and defeat your foes using human attacks and skills as well as psychic strikes delivered by salutors.
  • Influence and manipulate the temperaments of other characters to bend their will to your liking.
  • Tame the power of salutors – use the unique set of their skills to gain an advantage while exploring the world and when bringing your adversaries to their knees.
  • See the world that’s inevitably gone – explore the uncommon, heavily researched historic period of the early 20th century Warsaw, where crime and luxury are often two sides of the same coin. Meet historical figures and learn about their involvement in the story.
  • Created in Unreal Engine 5 to deliver a detailed & beautifully crafted world.

The Thaumaturge will arrive on March 4th for PC. Console versions (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S) are planned for later this year.

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