The Sire: Origins Preview

June. 26, 2023, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — A true love letter to 90’s superhero comics!

Coming this week from Dren Productions, The Sire: Origins in a never-before-collected edition! Written, lettered and colored by Michael Dolce (Grimms Fairy Tales) with art by Daniel Leister (Werewolf Run, Metal Ice Cream), and a stunning cover by fan-favorite Talent Caldwell (GI Joe, Superman), this exciting collection contains remastered images as well as new bonus content!

Not all costumes are a perfect fit…

Donald Wright woke up trapped inside a superhero costume. Bestowed with amazing powers, he’s forced to battle villains against his will. Now Donald must find out why the how and why he was chosen for danger.

Praise for THE SIRE

If heroics take a back seat to manipulation, then convention takes a backseat to innovation in THE SIRE.” —Keil Phegley, CBR

The story is solid as Dolce makes the characters three-dimensional. This (is a) well-done indy tale of a reluctant super-hero.” —Comic Buyers Guide

From start to finish, this book is filled with action and characterization. But it’s not just a huge slugfest. Every single panel adds a bit to the plot and further advances and highlights each main character’s life.” —

It’s a nice restoration from the decompressed trends of late: a 1990s-style debut, in which plenty happens, some of it resolved to satisfy the reader, and some threads left untied to bring one back.” —

It is rare for a superhero book to stand out, but [SIRE] does. The last non-Big Two superhero book that stood out to me was Invincible, and look where Kirkman is now.” —

Originally published by After Hours Press, The Sire: Origins collects the first three issues of the series and drops in shops June 28th!

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