The Order: Ordalia #2: Part 1 Review

Cover Art: Gianmarco Lizzio

Artist: Gianmarco Lizzio

Inks: Gianmarco Lizzio

Colorist: Gianmarco Lizzio

Written By: Marco Calciati

Published By: Giacomo Andrea Garnata


After vanquishing a dangerous demon in the first issue, our young hero Walmont travels alongside the skilled mercenary Pietro. Upon arriving in a new city, Walmont’s identity is muddled with that of a more well-known fighter. Dragged into a situation he knows nothing about, Walmont is once again in the midst of battle with both bandits and the supernatural.

The opening scenes look to be the last of our rogue hero’s story, as a flashback allows us to travel back to the beginning of this particular adventure. Here we meet the great-grandson of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose inventive spark has definitely been passed down from his ancestor. Unfortunately, this new-age inventor ends up being kidnapped, resulting in Walmont and Pietro going on the hunt for their employer’s captors. Unsurprisingly, it was never going to be as easy as that…


Walmont is currently on the run from the trouble he found himself in at the end of issue #1. Now travelling with the mercenary Pietro, they find themselves chasing after the kidnappers that shot down their boss’ flying carriage. Due to the fact Walmont is constantly disguising himself by wearing armour, he is constantly being confused for other less reputable individuals; in this case, by a bandit. In this issue, he is forced into a battle that has nothing to do with him, caught in the middle of a tavern brawl, and meets the business end of a jousting spear. Just like issue #1, there is a supernatural element in this issue as well, with Walmont experiencing an unexplained dream whilst unconscious in the depths of a sewer. He is stalked by monstrous individuals whose origins have also yet to be explained.


This entire issue, unfortunately, has some plot holes and mistakes that need addressing. For instance, who is the girl that Walmont is telling his adventures to and why? When we meet the descendant of Leonardo Da Vinci, he is first introduced as a nephew to the leading man of the Renaissance, but then says he is his grandson. This issue definitely needed more spellchecking/proofreading, which would have minimised mistakes and ensured the story was easier to follow. At times I had to go back and re-read a few pages as I had either lost interest or understanding of what was going on. Given time and practice, I am sure this comic will find its rhythm, but for now, it does require some work.



This issue was written by Marco Calciati, with artwork by Gianmarco Lizzio, both from Project Order. They are a group of talented friends with an interest in creating stories they wish to share with readers around the world. Formed during their high school days, this group have been together for the past decade, and have now released their first comic book series on Amazon’s ComiXology platform. Make sure and check them out on their social media links below. You can find The Order: Ordalia Issues 1 and 2 over on the ComiXology link below. ComiXology is also available as an app, allowing for you to read this issue on your phone at ease.

Their website –

Overall: 6/10

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