The Order: Ordalia #1 Review

The Order: Ordalia #1 Review

Written By: Marco Calciati

Translated by: Franco Villa

Artist: Gianmarco Lizzio

Inks: Gianmarco Lizzio

Colorist: Gianmarco Lizzio

Cover Art: Gianmarco Lizzio

Published by: Giacomo Andrea Granata


It is the Year of our Lord – 1560, and Europe has fractured into warring states. A delicate truce has been formed between the leaders of the Catholic and Protestant religions. Across the cities and towns, the Inquisition carry out their witch hunts to the delight of the most devout religious worshippers. During a time when the unknown and evil spirits haunt the people, encouraging the belief in superstition. Something that has more truth in it than others would dare to believe, as there truly is something that goes bump in the middle of the night. Our mercenary Walmont, knows this all too well. A young soldier living under a new identity, running away from his troubled past. Is soon to discover the unholiest of truths hidden behind the most powerful clergy men.

This is certainly one interesting tale, as we follow Walmont. A young man with an all too emo looking haircut, that very much stands out in this Julian era. Our tale begins as a carriage arrives to a festive evening between Dukes, Royalty and Religious leaders. Our young mercenary escorts a young noblewoman, who is held captive amongst his employers. Disgusted by their treatment of the young lady, he aids her escape, in hopes of lining his own pocket. Reuniting her with her royal family proves to be more difficult than anticipated. Inevitably leading him to be on the wrong side of the law. The second chapter is far more interesting in my opinion, as it deals with Walmont facing off against the king of the supernatural creatures – a vampire. A case revolving a number of murders that he finds himself being blamed for, inevitably leading Walmont to go and uncover the truth to clear his name.

The Order: Ordalia #1 2

Walmont is an interesting looking character. He appears to be in his late teens, early twenties. Having trained in combat, he foolishly wields a weapon far too demanding of his stature. His haircut, as I have mentioned before appears to be very rebellious. Adding to my suspicion that he is still quite young. He proves to be a fighter however, not allowing such beatings and wounds to affect his chances of escaping with his own life. He is courageous and indeed has a sense of right & wrong when it comes to helping the kidnapped maiden. Walmont has made some serious miscalculations in his employment, resulting in some dangerous enemies once he escapes with their hostage. There is one more interesting character that I would like to focus on, and that is Sister Cristina. A female warrior and member of a hidden nunery, tasked with the protection of the public & exorcising evil creatures. Very similar to the famous Van Helsing. A powerful woman in combat, but whose reputation is not enough to gain help from other members of the clergy due to being a woman and the death of the rest of her sisterhood.

Well there is certainly a lot of action in this issue, as well as bloodshed. With several killing blows being dealt and people being used as shields, the last case of the Vampire Murders was the most satisfying. Teaming up with Cristina, a huntress from the Sharran’s Warrior Nuns. Their fight against an occult and a Vampire, leads to a more indepth story and group of foes that will hopefully return in the next issue. This series has a strong religious setting, but from a more ruthless and political viewpoint. Showing us the negative side to its members, the wealthy lords that sit by their side and the corrupt wrongdoings that occur, including kidnapping. Now to forget the unsavory bodyguards on their payroll.

The Order: Ordalia #1 3

The artwork is certainly original, with its backgrounds, animals and fight sequences being captivating. The last image of the Vampire was also very impressive, leaving a strong impact at the end of the comic. I just was not a fan of Walmonts’ character designs, he just comes across as too much of an aloof character for me to pinpoint just who he really is. Overall though, it has been an enjoyable first issue and a good start to the series. Written by Marco Calciati, with artwork by Gianmarco Lizzio, both from Project Order. A group of talented friends with an interest in creating stories they wish to share with readers around the World. Formed during their high school days, this group have been together for the past decade, and have now released their first comic book on Amazon’s ComiXology platform. Make sure and check them out on their social media links below. And you can find The Order: Ordalia #1 over on the ComiXology link below. ComiXology is also available as an app, allowing for you to read this issue on your phone at ease.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next for Walmont and Cristina in the next issue. Make sure and check out this indie comic today from Project Order, over on ComiXology.


Overall: 7/10


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