The Master’s Pupil Review

Developer: Pat Naoum

Platforms: macOS, PC (Reviwed), Switch

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Publisher: Pat Naoum Games Pty Ltd


The Master’s Pupil is a hand-painted puzzle adventure game. There really is not any game similar to the concept of this game, which makes it unique and interesting to play. The Master’s Pupil is; developed by Pat Naoum and published by Pat Naoum Games Pty Ltd. This review is done for the PC, but the game is also available for macOS and Switch. 

The Master’s Pupil is a single-player game where you solve many different puzzles that are themed; around Claude Monet’s paintings. The title of the game goes through the main; the premise of the game. The master refers to the renowned artist Claude Monet and the pupil refers to seeing his art through his eyes. You play as a tiny figure that progresses through various types of; puzzles to reach the end of the different levels. 


The controls for The Master’s Pupil are extremely easy to use. You mainly just need to use the W, A, S, and D keys as well as the spacebar. There is not; much intricate about the controls, and it works smoothly with the game.

The art style for The Master’s Pupil is all hand-drawn. The structures that are created in the background and foreground all resemble brush strokes and various other painting methods that resemble those found in Claude Monet’s paintings. What I really like about the atmosphere and visuals of this game is how they blend into Claude Monet’s paintings. As you go through the levels in between, you’re; shown one of his paintings which blends in with the levels you have completed. I find the art style to be extremely soothing to look at. There is also great depth that is created in the visuals with the different solid to patchy strokes of the paint to create a more artistic look. The game itself looks like a painting as you play through it. Alongside the visuals, the soundtrack for the game is relaxing. There’s subtle piano music that; plays in the background and little sound effects are played throughout, which adds to the game. 


I found the game to be a really good; puzzle game and the visuals complemented the style even more. I never really was one to know much about the different Claude Monet’s paintings: but the game definitely showcased them in a beautiful way. I also really enjoyed the concept of the puzzles, especially the coloured smoke ones. The coloured smoke ones were puzzles where you had to blend the little figure through the different smokes to create the right colour to pass through. The idea of that puzzle followed through very well in the game as it gave it a more artistic touch. I did not find the puzzles to be; extremely challenging either. They were balanced really well throughout the game, which I enjoyed. Now, the game consists of 12 different levels; and each progresses through the different paintings. There was a mix of puzzles, but not; all of them were the same, which was done really well. Overall I liked the concept of the game, and it was a nice; a way to tribute an artist’s amazing work from the past. The atmosphere of the game was also really relaxing, which was great to wind down too.


Now, If you want to play a game where you can sit back and solve puzzles to journey through a great artist’s pieces. A game that showcases and tributes Claude Monet’s world in an extremely unique; way, then this game is just for you. It is a relaxing puzzle game with beautiful visuals, so you should definitely go check out The Master’s Pupil. 

Overall: 7/10

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