The Jungle Bunch Review

The Jungle Bunch Review

Starring: (voices of) Paul Borne, Philippe Bozo, Pascal Casanova, Emmanuel Curtil, Michel Mella.

Director: David Alaux

Release date: 15th September 2017


On an island in a land far away, many creatures are living and going about their daily business. Then one day a series of huge explosions occur and the whole jungle is destroyed. A group of hero animals calling themselves ‘The Champs’ hunt down the perpetrator, a koala called Igor and exile him to a small island far away. There is a prophecy that states an animal that hasn’t been born yet will be the one to save the island from evil. An egg is discovered on an iceberg and it is adopted by a Tigress. She raises the baby, which turns out to be a small penguin who she names Maurice. Time passes and Maurice has grown to be a strong but clumsy ninja warrior. He now leads a small group called ‘The Jungle Bunch’, who patrols the jungle, helping animals in need of assistance. Unfortunately for them, the exiled koala, Igor has managed to get himself back to the jungle and has set plans in motion to destroy the jungle once and for all. Can Maurice and his Jungle Bunch work together and save the Island or are they all doomed to be outwitted by the evil koala?

The Jungle Bunch 2

The movie is based on an animated TV series called The Jungle Bunch, which first premiered in France back in 2013. The series followed the adventures of a small Emperor Penguin called Maurice, who grows up thinking he’s a tiger, after being raised by a Tigress. He leads a small group of animal warriors called The Jungle Bunch, who protect and serve all of the animals that live on the island.

A really great kid’s movie that doesn’t make you overthink the story or characters too much. It’s rated G so it’s suitable for children of any age plus there’s lots of great characters and also a really great baddie, in the shape of a cuddly koala. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of kids movies in the cinema at the moment, so I reckon this one will fill a gap that definitely needs filling.

The Jungle Bunch 3

If you’re looking for a great harmless movie to take your little ones along to, then you’d be daft not to give this one a watch. The Jungle Bunch are a great set of role models for youngsters and this movie will definitely keep the kids entertained for an hour and a half.


Overall: 7/10







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