The Hellbound Volume 1 TPB Review

Created By: Yeon Sang-Ho

Illustrated By: Choi Gyu-Seok

Translated By: Danny Lim

Published By: Dark Horse Comics

Release Date: 8th December 2021

Spoiler Warning

In a World far similar to our own, terrifying supernatural beings have appeared to not only collect the souls of the damned but also grant them horrific deaths. One day you may receive a message from an unknown entity that will inform you of the time and date of your demise. It may be days from now, weeks, months or even decades. However when that time comes, hellish creatures will apparate before you and tear you limb from limb. Thus tracking you down to Hell for your sins. The World has also begun to accept these supernatural events, making it into a religion of sorts, going on crusades to make the sinner repent before their execution. Acting as though they are martyrs for a new World, the mysterious origins of these creatures has yet to be unfolded. Can they be stopped, is every ‘victim’ deserving of their punishment and what has happened to our society when it becomes normal for these deaths to be televised live on air for all to see?


This tale comes to us from Yeon Sang-Ho, the acclaimed director of ‘Train to Busan’ and cartoonist Choi Guy-Seok of webtoon series ‘Songgot’.

Netflix has been hitting it out of the park recently with their catalogue of Asian live action series. With many around the World still talking about the recent success of ‘Squid Game’, I also had just finished ‘Beyond Evil’ just before then. Now the live action adaptation of ‘Hellbound’ has been added to my to watch list, especially after reading this gripping new book. This is infact a live action adaptation of a Webtoon known as ‘The Hell’, which is now being translated into English for the very first time with Dark Horse distributing the physical release. This is only Volume One however, with Volume Two heading our way Summer next year. So this is just a taste of what the live action adaptation will have in store for us, as the original author and illustrator will also be working on the Netflix adaptation. Which is always great to hear, as it will be far closer to the original material and what the creators had envisioned for their work.


‘The Hellbound’ is an international horror series, based in a World far similar to our own but is now going through some unbelievable events. With the appearance of floating heads materializing to certain individuals just to give them a death notice. Perhaps to give them time to enjoy life whilst they can, or more realistically – to repent for their sins. When the time does come, Hellish creatures appear and rip them to shreds, burning their bodies before disappearing once again down to the depths of ‘Hell’. There is no answer as to why this has only started to occur or how the people/victims are chosen. Society however has taken these events as a direct message from God, interpreting it as they must repent, live life without sin and damn all others that go against his teachings. There is even the beginning of a cult emerging – the ‘New Truth Society’, as well as fanatics that are riling on the public. The police, on the other hand, still continue to investigate these deaths. Whilst the media begins to livestream the ‘prophesied’ murders. There is one particular death in this that was heartbreaking, not only for the person involved – but more for the family they left behind. It gave an almost real life scenario of what could very well happen if we all lived in that form of reality.

So if you want to get ahead of everyone else this month, then check out ‘The Hellbound’ Volume 1 when it hits bookshelves. As ‘Hellbound’ is bound to be the next talked about Netflix show this season!

Overall: 8/10

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