(the) Gnorp Apologue Review

Developer: Myco

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), macOS

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Publisher: Myco


(the) Gnorp Apologue is a pixel-art clicker-idler. This game was developed and published by Myco. There are many games with a similar clicker-idler concept, but this game has minimalist beauty that makes it stand out. There are some games with similar mechanics to Born of Bread, such as the Mario and Luigi RPG or Sea of Stars, but the game has its own stand-alone quirk to it. This review was done for the PC, but the game is also available for the macOS.

(the) Gnorp Apologue is a single-player game where you have to guide gnorps on their journey towards accumulating excessive wealth. In the game, you are responsible for generating and collecting shards from a huge rock. These shards allow you to buy buildings and upgrade essentials to help the gnorps with their progress. The gnorps adopt various methodologies to reach their goal, and it is up to you to lead them to success.


The controls for (the) Gnorp Apologue are extremely simple. The controls are all through on-screen clicks with the mouse cursor. As you start the game, there is a tutorial that you are put through. The tutorial helps you understand the various mechanics and keys you need to understand about the game. I like that throughout the game, some tips show up which can help with your progress. The controls have noticeable delay and work smoothly.

The art style of (the) Gnorp Apologue features pixelated graphics. The game has a very minimalist art style yet has quite a complex gameplay. The pixelated graphics reminisce to a much more retro vibe that has some nostalgia to it. I really enjoy the blend of colours in this game as it keeps from over-populating the screen with many different things. The character designs for the gnorps are quite charming. With the recent addition of hats to the game, I think this adds a much more fun and appealing look to the visuals of the game. Gnorps with different professions also have a unique look to them to be able to differentiate. The little details add another level to the simple visuals of this game. In addition to the visuals, the soundtrack is quite tranquil, filled with bits of sound effects to make the game have this olden type of vibe. Instrumental music from the calming piano music goes well with the sound effects of the falling shards, guns, being reloaded, firing arrows, being shot and many more. It creates this hustling environment in the game but still keeps the relaxing nature. I like the addition of being able to change the colour scheme of the background and icons; this adds a touch of variety and customization for the players.


What I enjoy so much about this game is that, in a way, it’s much more than those cookie-clicker games. This game builds character through the various developments you make, similar to creating a town for these gnorps to reach their ultimate goal. You’re able to build bombing stations, houses, drone stations, a cafe, and even an archery hut. It does not stop there as many upgrades can be made from each of these buildings to make your gnorps more efficient. Besides just that, the game follows a cycle with strategy. You start by beating up the rock, collecting shards, exploding the rocks, and restarting your game, all to unlock skill points and new upgrades. You repeat this cycle whilst trying to maintain your gnorps’ society and wealth. There’s a capacity to the height of shards that can be spewed from the rock, and if that level is met, the rock can suck all those shards back and start a prestige event. Prestige events are important as they are what unlock new resource buildings, upgrades and skill points.


I really enjoyed this game as it’s relaxing and not one you need to keep looking at for hours on end. An idle game that you can run on the side or background and get back on to make upgrades and further expand your society to reach utter wealth. The visuals have a cute charm, and once you get into the game, it becomes quite addicting. I have never really played many idle-type games, but this is one that I would highly suggest, as it’s much more than you have to click on a big rock. Progress allows for automation, and there’s actually a strategy you can try to come up with in each run. This game differs because it has a level of activeness for you to play rather than entirely being passive throughout the game, which is very enticing for an idle-clicker game. In a way, the game has this give-and-take situation between the rock and the gnorps, which is quite interesting, and there can be take-back on income earned. Personally, this game was really enjoyable as it had a great balance between passive and active gaming for an idle-clicker.


(the) Gnorp Apologue is a unique idle-clicker game that has minimalist visuals that create a retro pixel-like appeal. The game features much more than just waiting and sitting around but allows players to create strategies to help the gnorps become excessively rich. If idle-clicker games never interested you, (the) Gnorp Apologue will definitely interest you as it has its own unique twist and appeal for players! You should definitely check out (the) Gnorp Apologue!

Overall: 9/10

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