The Diabolik Double Feature is back with Book 2


Double Feature Book 2

Now Live on Kickstarter

Two stories, two covers—Twin tales of TERROR they DOUBLE DARE you to read!

AUG. 29, 2023, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — The Paranormal Playboy is back! Announcing the second installment of the Diabolik Double Feature, Professor Dario Bava: Orgy Of The Blood Freaks #2 and Gringo Loco #2, now live on Kickstarter.

Created, written and colored by Phil Mucci, interior art by Mike Dubisch and Vicente Alcázar, with covers by Robert Sammelin and Vicente Alcázar, this perfect bound, oversized, 88 page flip comic featuring two terrific stories, all in one “frighteous” edition!

Professor Dario Bava: Orgy Of The Blood Freaks #2: Rome, 1967: former Vatican exorcist Professor Dario Bava enlists the aid of Sister Sadie to investigate the haunted abbey ruins where his assistant was murdered by supernatural forces of psychedelic proportions!


Gringo Loco: The Buzzard King’s Bounty: The ultra-violent continuation of Dead Late And A Dollar Short — 40 blistering pages of blood and bullets as Gringo Loco chases bounty killer Cyrus Caldwell into the canyon hideout of notorious horse thief Laredo El Latigo and his gang of cutthroats. Ennio Morricone soundtrack not included!

“These stories are really about to take off!” said Phil Mucci. “I’m a sucker for Act 1 storytelling, and I know a lot of folks find second acts in general to be more drawn out — but I love this book! Mike and Vicente have really taken these characters into their souls. It’s such an honor to see the team embrace the material and make it their own in such spectacular ways! Tons of action, monsters, incredible art, and at over 80 pages long, we really give people a lot of bang for the buck!”


“Religion, monsters, sex and gore collide in gloriously pulpy fashion. As imaginative and sublime as the best Giallo offerings.”—Hustler

“What Bava is to 60’s/70’s Euro-horror, Gringo Loco is to classic spaghetti westerns, with plenty of bloodshed and violence. Both tales are loving tributes to the eras and great stories in their own right.”
—Rue Morgue

“I loved Orgy of the Blood Freaks and Gringo Loco! And the opening reveal of Gringo Loco is very clever, and really, really well done. Bravo! Great stuff and a lot of fun.”
—Part-Time Fanboy

“These books need to be on your radar! A complete package of debauchery and horror if there ever was one.” —Comic Watch

“Vicente Alcázar did a legendary Jonah Hex run in the 1970’s, and if you’re curious as to why this legend illustrated Phil’s book, you’ll have to pick up a copy for yourself… A heck of a lot of fun, this is a great western story, a big, big throwback to the comics of old, and the action sequences are phenomenal. I love the coloring throughout this entire book – definitely worth picking up.” —The Comic Cave

Mature readers only, the Kickstarter campaign for Professor Dario Bava: Orgy Of The Blood Freaks #2 and Gringo Loco #2 ends Sept. 28.

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