The Crow: Memento Mori Review

Written By: Roberto Recchioni

Artist: Werther Dell’ Edera

Colorist: Giovanna Niro

Lettering By: Giovanni Marinovich

Cover By: Werther Dell’ Edera

Published By: IDW Publishing


James O’ Barr’s The Crow is one of greatest revenge stories I’ve read. I’m happy to see that Memento Mori continues the tales of The Crow with even more heartbreak and pain.

It might seem strange to be happy about stories that deal in strange, darkness and pain, but these aspects can make simple storytelling into a heartfelt journey. Being able to relate to a character or get an understanding of their pain is key in order for the story to become more than just a gore fest to the reader.


Memento Mori is a great story told through the eyes of two young people who are in love but their lives are ruled by a crazy priest, a priest who is willing to sacrifice the children he claims to love and care for to advance his cause. It’s sad to see two lives get cut short and in such a brutal way but that’s what opens the doors for The Crow to come into play to make things right in the world for the ones who suffered.Young minds are twisted and bodies are broken for a priest out of control.

The art by Werther Dell’ Edera is awesome and dark, the colors by Giovanna Niro are beautiful. The writing is by Roberto Recchioni is great and creepy, a few panels that weren’t gory or violent made me cringe and helped me visualize the insanity and disgusting world of the story.


At the end of this trade paperback, it collects the short stories that you would’ve gotten in the back of each issue. They all have a unique look with different art styles since they were created by different teams of people.

My overall impression of this book is that it’s worth a read, I liked it a lot and I recommend you check it out.

Overall: 9/10


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